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The benefits and harms of Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke in other words, or "root sun", is a tall flower that resembles a sunflower. In the food used by the root of this plant, which resembles ginger. The taste of Jerusalem artichoke tubers like sweet potatoes. This plant is not a crop, but those who know their beneficial properties, Jerusalem artichokes grown on land. The tubers of this plant are consumed raw, boiled, fried, are preparing sweet dishes and drinks, and is also used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. The composition of Jerusalem artichoke Jerusalem artichoke tubers, the benefits and harms of which have been the subject of study by many doctors, nutritionists, striking in its chemical composition.

 Despite the external similarity and flavor of artichoke with potatoes, it is much more useful to all of the usual vegetable. Tubers of Jerusalem artichoke are rich in all kinds of elements necessary for the human body. Most of Jerusalem artichoke in the composition, as well as any other vegetable, is water. Tubers contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats minor amount of useful cellulose, starch, mono- and disaccharides, ash material. Veliko at the roots of Jerusalem artichoke content of vitamins, especially vitamin C. consume food only 200 grams of tubers of this vegetable, people can meet their daily need for this vitamin. It should be noted that the average root weight per 150 gram. Jerusalem artichokes and rich in vitamins of group B. The content of its tubers vitamins B1 and B2 is 3 times more than in carrots and beets. A total of 50 grams of "solar root" Eating, replenish the body the required amount of this important trace elements such as silicon. According to the content of calcium and magnesium artichoke it is also superior to many vegetables. Furthermore, it tubers contain other needed for normal functioning of organs and systems, elements such as phosphorus and iron. Jerusalem artichoke is called natural insulin analog as its tubers contain large amounts of inulin - soluble polysaccharide. Part inulin entering the human body, is cleaved and converted to fructose molecule. They are able to withdraw from the blood substances harmful decomposition products. That part of the inulin, which remains uncut, and cleanses the body of toxins and cholesterol.