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The benefits and harms of Garlic

Garlic is called the record among spices. For several thousand years people grow this vegetable, it uses it when cooking, especially canning, many dishes. Beneficial effects of garlic on the human body is known to all. This vegetable is used for the prevention of colds and increase immunity. However, garlic has other beneficial properties, of which few have heard. Many will be surprised and information about the dangers of this vegetable. Medicinal properties of garlic 1. Due to included a specific component of garlic, allicin is a vegetable effective in the treatment of viral diseases. Garlic performance colds treatment with antibiotics can be compared. Viruses and bacteria that destroys vegetable using substances such as essential oils, volatile, vegetable agents. 

2. Garlic is able to prevent certain intestinal infections. After accidentally eating poor quality food or raw water is necessary to eat a clove of garlic. The antiseptic properties of this vegetable will prevent adverse effects. This vegetable toxic dysentery pathogens, yeasts, diphtheria sticks. 3. Part of the garlic protein helps produce antibodies that protect the immune system from negative influences. 4. Garlic is good for the liver and joints. Sulfur contained therein synthesizes methionine - amino acid which promotes normal functioning of cartilage in joints and has the hepatoprotective action. Therefore, garlic is recommended to patients with hepatitis and arthritis. 5. The use of garlic effect on lowering cholesterol and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. But this vegetable can be used only for short-term course of cleaning vessels, since he can not long retain a minimum level of cholesterol. 6. prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases garlic is also effective because of their ability to reduce cholesterol. One garlic clove eaten daily helps to lower blood pressure, so its regular use is important for hypertensive patients. 7. Garlic is useful for the prevention of heart attack and stroke. Present in this spicy vegetable biologically active substance ajo helps reduce blood viscosity and prevents platelets from sticking. Therefore, reducing the likelihood of blood clots in the blood vessels, which are the cause of strokes and heart attacks.