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The benefits and harms of Pumpkin

It has long pumpkin enjoys well-deserved recognition and love in Russia and other countries. Its popularity is easily explained by the excellent taste and the most valuable qualities for health. All the usual pumpkin, benefits and harms from which not everyone fully known, can treat, satisfy the hunger and thirst, improve the appearance of the skin. Qualitative characteristics of pumpkin Nutritional value and vitamins exceptional value for its properties of this vegetable is based on its unique composition. 100g Pumpkin contains (g) Water 91 protein 1.2 0.3 Fat, carbohydrates 7.5. Incoming vitamins (mg): RR - 0.7, E - 0.4 C - 8, -14 mg B9, B6 - 0.1, B5 - 0.4, B2 - 0.06, B1 - 0.05 , A - 250 mcg, Beta-carotene - 1.5.

The number of mineral substances (mg) of fluoride - 1 mg, manganese - 0.04, copper - 180 mcg of iodine - 1 mg, zinc - 0,24, iron - 0.4, sulfur - 18, chlorine - 19, phosphorus - 25, potassium - 2.4, sodium - 4, magnesium - 14, calcium - 25. You should know that the pumpkin - the benefits and harms of it are well known - requires intelligent application. Its beneficial effect is incomparably greater than the possible negative consequences. But they should understand. Useful properties of bulk of the composition forms a water gourd. However, this is not ordinary water, and nutrient and well-structured liquid. It is rich in valuable ingredients such as pectin (dietary fiber, fiber). This substance plays an invaluable role in metabolic processes, it cleanses the body of toxins and radioactive components. Calorie vegetables are very low. 100 g pumpkin contains 22 calories. It is well absorbed, and therefore it is taken as a basis for a huge number of diets. Vegetable saves not only on excess weight, but also on the bad cholesterol that contributes to blood vessel walls. Because of these properties is recommended to use a vegetable in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, especially atherosclerosis and heart failure edema. Contained in the pumpkin valuable proteins in the number comparable to chicken eggs. Carotene positive effect on eyesight and prevents cancer. Vitamins of group B calming influence, improves memory, and has beneficial effects on the nervous system. Copper, iron and phosphorus normalize blood-forming processes, that is a good prevention of atherosclerosis, and anemia. Especially a lot of iron containing raw pumpkin, benefits and harms that noted above. A rare combination of potassium and magnesium helps to rid the body of unwanted fluid. This quality is especially valuable for people suffering from urinary diseases. Pumpkin creates a soft laxative effect, which normalizes the bowels and stomach. To obtain the benefits of vegetables a day should eat 0.5 kg pumpkin. Pumpkin limited ability alkalify body, so it may cause harm to the presence of diseases: peptic ulcer, gastritis with low acidity, diabetes (particularly raw pumpkin should be avoided), abnormal acid-base balance in the body. As a milder means of suitable pumpkin porridge, which is recommended in the presence of diseases:

pyelonephritis, cystitis, gout, uric acid stones. But here we must be careful that the frequent use of the product did not cause a temporary worsening of these conditions. Some diseases are more amenable to treatment, if present in the diet of cooked or raw pumpkin, benefits and harms of which depends on the amount eaten vegetable. That is, their use should be moderate. Such diseases include: swelling of liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver. Raw pumpkin helps with constipation, liver failure, cystitis. The use of pumpkin selection and purification of Best option selection - a medium-sized pumpkin weighing 4-5 kg. In the peel should be no cracks, stains, bruises and other injuries. At the ripe pumpkin dry and dark tail. Color should be rich pulp orange. To bake or cook a piece of pumpkin, do not need to cut its rind. Heat treatment will make it soft enough. Peel as pulp, contain valuable substances for the body. But if you want to cut off the rind, it will become softer after piercing it in 2-3 places and heating in the microwave. Use in cooking This is not only beneficial for health, but also wonderful to taste the product. Its orange flesh is boiled, baked, stewed. At the same time we must remember, as the manifest benefits and harms of a pumpkin. The baked or boiled pumpkin, after heat treatment, is slightly reduced vitamin and mineral composition. But in general, it is beneficial effect on the organism. Soft Pumpkin is particularly useful for use after serious diseases, as well as the elderly and children. A common dish is pumpkin porridge. But the pumpkin is widely used as in: casseroles, cakes, dietetic salads, soups, desserts. You can just fry the pieces of pumpkin, roll in flour, vegetable oil. Pumpkin in folk medicine, popular vegetables and spread on the field of medicine. Above were awarded benefits and harms of a pumpkin from a health perspective. With its help cure various diseases: boiled pumpkin treat chronic cough, and pulmonary disease. Fresh pumpkin juice is beneficial when otitis and tonsillitis. A decoction of pumpkin - an excellent remedy for skin rashes. In the case of toothache makes fresh juice pumpkin drawn in through the nostrils. From worms perfectly relieve pumpkin seeds. If arthritis and other diseases of the joints attachment pumpkin pulp soothes the pain. As a cosmetic product is a part of Pumpkin variety of shampoos, conditioners, creams, soaps, lotions. If the skin appeared acne rash, it will slice the flesh raw pumpkin. It should be applied to the problem areas. This helps to narrow pores. Vegetable serves excellent food for the cells of any type of skin, smoothing wrinkles and shallow showing an anti-aging effect. Pumpkin mask prepared very simply. Popular mask for oily skin prone to include: cooked pulp from the pulp of the pumpkin, egg white, a small amount of honey. All mix and warm mask apply on face. Withstand 15 minutes. Wash with cold water. The skin becomes fresh and matte. Dry skin mask will be glad of boiled pumpkin pulp (2 tbsp. L.) And olive oil (1 tbsp. L.). Application to the face mask is held 20 minutes, then wash off with cool water. The skin glistens and rejuvenate. The pumpkin contains almost all the valuable components that are required for health. Main useful quality of this wonderful vegetable - cleansing. Proper cooking and eating pumpkin is the key to extending the human youth.