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The benefits and harms of sauerkraut

In winter, it is very important for the body to get the nutritional value of the used products. Typically, it refers to vitamins and minerals present in the food composition. Sauerkraut, which people always use in the winter, characterized by the presence of vitamins, so it will be interesting to understand sauerkraut harm and use of the product. The composition of sauerkraut In order to determine the use of cabbage bears damage should decide on its composition. It contains essential for maintaining the immune system vitamin C. Also in this product contains vitamin K, which has restorative, wound-healing effect, but also very necessary for the functioning of the nervous system. 

The sauerkraut composition has a large number of minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, zinc, boron, copper. Sauerkraut harm and benefits Useful quality Sauerkraut is considered a very useful product of the product. In addition to pleasant taste, it is characterized by more and more advantages that have the following effects on the body:

Strengthening immunity. As part of sauerkraut has a large number of vitamin C. Useful properties of this product lies in the fact that cabbage can not be heat-treated, so vitamin C is stored in its entirety. Presented vitamin refers to the group of antioxidants, its action is aimed at maintaining the immune system. Bronchial asthma. Recent research in medical science have shown that substances that have antihistamine effects were discovered as part of sauerkraut. These substances inhibit the development of allergic reactions and prevent the exacerbation of asthma, the development of which play an important role is allergic processes. Digestive system. Sauerkraut has a positive effect on the digestive system. It is caused by: The presence of vitamin C; Ingredients Sauerkraut is rich in this element, such as cellulose. She has the ability to not be absorbed in the intestine. As a result, it stimulates intestinal peristalsis and improves its work. Especially, the product is useful for people, which have a tendency to delay chair. Harm sauerkraut is undoubted that, the fact that cabbage can have negative characteristics. By ferment cabbage is necessary to use large amounts of salt. The amount of salt is determined by such indicators as the crunch product. What is crisp, the more salt was used. Sauerkraut in some people causes an increased flatulence. And it delivers, both moral and physical discomfort. Use of this product is not desirable in case there is an increased acidity of the stomach. This can cause the formation of heartburn. However, there are some methods to eliminate this problem, for example, you can add a little vegetable oil. Cabbage harm which benefits are already known, is a low-calorie product, however, contains in its composition vitamin C and potassium in large amounts. Eating sauerkraut during winter in many people is a kind of pleasure. For those people who may cause harm to cabbage, it is necessary to pay attention to other products. Should eat citrus fruits to get sufficient amounts of vitamin C to the body. Then you will be able to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and eat tasty fruits.