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The benefits and harms of cucumbers

Cucumber is deservedly considered one of the most useful vegetables, and perhaps why he is so popular. Not many people know that in reality it is "false" berry that belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. At present, the beneficial properties of cucumber are known to all. But if he is able to do harm? Ingredients cucumbers Almost 97% of this vegetable is water. The remaining 3% contain a lot of nutrients - vitamins B1 and B2; - ascorbic acid; - Sugar; - Carotene and vitamin A; - folic acid; - Various minerals. That is why the cucumbers, the benefits and harms that are related to their composition, are so popular. What are the beneficial properties of this vegetable? Use cucumber should know that cucumbers are a lot of useful features: 1. The saturation of the body with water point is not even that much water in cucumbers.

 In their structure there is potassium, which improves the flow of water in the tissues and organs. Fresh cucumbers, benefits and harms that are obvious, help remove excess fluid from the body - because of this they are used as a diuretic and effective product against edema. 2. Neutralization of acidic compounds Many acids and compounds, which are in the composition of the products or produced by the body, can have a negative influence on the functioning of the various organs. That is what provokes the disturbance of metabolic processes and the deposition of the stones in the kidney. The salts entering into the composition of cucumbers, promote the neutralization of these compounds - the result is their excretion. 3. Improvement of the circulatory system, and thyroid Useful properties of cucumber are directly related to the presence of large amounts of iodine and fiber. That iodine, which does not grow goiter, is the main source of thyroid health. In addition, this vegetable is extremely good for the heart. Regular consumption of cucumber helps to normalize cholesterol levels, and it prevents the development of heart and vascular pathologies and contributes to the improvement of the circulatory system. 4. Normalization of metabolic processes most active substances contained in cucumbers are the B vitamins, natural enzymes and fiber. Vitamins B1 and B2 help break down sugars and carbohydrates. A enzymes which are present in the cell sap, fruit digested solid constituents.

Source: 5. Immunity Due to the presence of vitamin C cucumbers help support the immune system. However, it should be noted that most of the substances contained in the young fruits are small. 6. Maintaining the good condition of the skin are very popular all sorts of masks, decoctions and infusions of cucumber. This is not surprising, because these tools help keep skin young and beautiful. Harm cucumbers Hazardous properties can have only those fruits that are grown using pesticides and artificial stimulants. High nitrate levels can cause poisoning, kidney damage, liver and digestive system. Also not recommended to eat plenty of cucumbers to the people who need to limit fluid. When you must not be renal failure daily rate of this vegetable is worth more than 100-200, the use cucumbers reasonable and those who wish to get rid of excess weight. Of course, this vegetable can be safely called a low-calorie, it is perfectly absorbed and saturate the body with vitamins. However, the use of large quantities of food, which exceeds the volume of the stomach, resulting in increased appetite. Therefore, it is important to control portion size. Since this vegetable increases the acidity of the stomach, it should be consumed with caution to people with ulcers or gastritis. Pickled cucumbers, benefits and harms that are related to their composition, do not have in atherosclerosis and hypertension. They are contraindicated in liver pathologies. Do not eat this product during pregnancy. Benefits and harms of pickles This product is also quite good for health. Trace elements present in fresh vegetables, contain and pickles, benefits and harms that are obvious to many. It should be borne in mind that in this method vitamins processing collapse almost completely. In general, pickles increase appetite, improve digestion and differ little laxative effect. We should not have a lot of vegetables for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Salt and salted cucumbers, benefits and harms are known to all, it is better not to use in kidney pathologies. They also contraindicated in obesity and metabolic disturbances. Do not eat them, and liver diseases - hepatitis and gallstones. As you can see, cucumber - a very useful product that helps to saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. However, in order not to hurt yourself, you need to use only natural and organic vegetables.