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The benefits and harms of Potatoes

The potato was discovered more than 10 thousand years ago, Indian tribes, which not only include it in the daily diet, but also worshiped tasty vegetables. After hundreds of years, and the tubers were on other continents, but not in a hurry all assess their taste. For example, the French preferred to make bouquets of flowers potatoes and beautifying the hair, adding hair. And in Germany flowering shrubs vegetable beds adorned the palace and were considered a luxury. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, the benefits and harms of potatoes were not even considered, because in vegetable food is almost never used. The final recognition of the tubers obtained during an outbreak of scurvy when they found an unexpected curative effect potatoes.

The composition of the vegetable contains vitamin C, and the lack of which caused a dangerous disease. Who is the second potato bread, and the number of dishes that can be prepared from it, is unlikely to even count the most professional chef. Useful properties of beneficial effects on the body due to the rich composition of potatoes. A starch polysaccharides contained in an amount of 40%. The product has anti-inflammatory and shielding property and perfectly proved in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, the present vegetable pectin, macro- and microelements, cellulose, sucrose, glucose, fructose, vitamins and folic acid. Also available are organic acids, sterols, carotene and protein. Tubers are valued in dietetics as a major source of potassium, which supports the normal functioning of the heart. Total 500 grams of potatoes covers the daily need for potassium in the human body. The content of useful microcells explained diuretics as a vegetable and medicinal egg-potato diet may be assigned in renal failure. Particularly useful are baked tubers red varieties. A boiled potatoes in their skins, peel due, helps to preserve vitamins and useful substances.

The crude potato juice is assigned with dyspepsia, constipation, nausea, heartburn and migraine and headache. Grated raw vegetable used to treat skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema. Enough with the laying on of course compress to forget about the problem. If we consider the potato, benefit and harm are in the lineup, having both positive and negative characteristics. For example, starch and successfully used in cooking and in the manufacture of powders, tablets, and powders in pharmacology. The substance solanine, contained in abundance in green tubers, making potatoes unfit for food, however, is indispensable for the treatment of burns. Young potatoes successfully used for the preparation of home cosmetic masks, making the skin supple and velvety. Suffice it to 20 minutes to smooth out fine wrinkles, while adding the warm milk into the potato mixture turns a great tool to rejuvenate your hands. Hazardous properties There is a substance found in all parts of the plant that can cause poisoning - solanine. The tubers of its relatively small but intense light vegetable acquires a green tint and quantity of the toxin increases. Before eating the green parts of the potato is desirable to remove. Harm vegetable is a very relative term, if the tubers are used wisely. When used as the main product, one potato, benefit and harm will become apparent: an increase in weight and a minimum positive effect. To get rid of the extra kilos you need to eat no more than 200 g of baked or boiled potatoes. And from fried and cooked in a deep fryer should be abandoned completely, to reduce the risk of diseases of the stomach, kidney, gall bladder and liver. When cooking it should be noted that the potato contains water-soluble vitamins, so it is desirable to add the liquid to the minimum level. Otherwise, all the nutrients pass into the water. Not recommended for a long time to keep peeled potatoes in water, because in this way the vegetable deprived of basic salts and vitamins, which is rich in potatoes.