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The benefits and harms of green radish

We all try to take care of their moral and physical health and that is why we want to know whether the benefit really or is it brings harm to one or another product for us. There are many controversial articles about this drink coffee, of dairy products, oils of vegetable origin. We are sitting on a diet that excludes a lot of food from your diet, but you need to understand that the product can be harmful not only as a product, but in its quantity. Total should be in moderation! Today we will talk about such root vegetables as a green radish. Perhaps someone uses it for a long time to eat, someone gave up this product, and some of it and heard. Then look at the root closer. So, green radish: benefits and harms. Guest from the southern shores of Green radish (it Margelan radish or lobo) just refers to such a category. This radish came to our table, too, from the Mediterranean and is now an important part of not only cooking, but has healing qualities.

 Green radish - a small root vegetable green with light green spine and flesh white. But it was he who hides a lot of good for our body. Ingredients Radish contains about 2 grams of protein, about 1.9 grams of fat and 6.5 grams of carbohydrates. Immediately it becomes clear calorie green radish quite small, so the radish will be useful for those people who are trying to lose weight. Root contains vitamin B1, which is responsible for normalizing the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems. Vitamin B2, which is also contained in the radish, helps to maintain the body's growth function, vision, structure of tissues. Also in the green radish contains vitamin PP, which increases resistance to stress and helps to strengthen the immune system, vitamins A, C, and other elements such as phosphorus, iron, calcium and carotene. Useful properties of green radish As we can see, green radish has a fine structure and is almost universal roots, helping to preserve the health of the human body. Remarkably, this root vegetable will be useful not only for weight loss, but also for malnutrition. Decreased appetite Green radish has really a lot of fiber, and therefore affect the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and the production of digestive enzymes. Also this root can be used to prevent constipation if eaten in small amounts. Weight Loss As mentioned above, the low-calorie radish and so is ideal for dietary salads. It will not only add taste, but also split the material from starch in the organism. Also, this root vegetable will be able to excrete the unnecessary cholesterol, which may well be the fat deposits in the body. You can even use a small discharge diet for a few days. Sitting on this diet, you will need to eat green salads with radish, fruits and vegetables. Remember diet "Traffic light" and use only green vegetables and fruits in a salad. Medicinal properties of green radish The people of middle age, who are subject to frequent stress, suffer from one or another stage of obesity, or gout, a disease is detected as atherosclerosis. When the flow of this disease, together with other cholesterol fat deposited on the artery walls, which is why they are no longer flexible. Atherosclerosis may lead to necrosis and painful abdominal colic. Drinking green radish is a great way to prevent this disease, since it is perfectly deals with fat deposits in the body. Green radish is indispensable and in inflammatory processes in the body. Diseases such as bronchitis or pneumonia - quite a serious and unpleasant thing. Self-medication in such cases is strictly forbidden, but will never eat more than salad with radish, especially if you know that the root eases inflammatory processes in the body.