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The benefits and harms of broccoli

Broccoli belongs to the cabbage varieties. According to external data broccoli resembles a cauliflower. The uniqueness and usefulness of green vegetable delights. Thanks to the most valuable qualities of broccoli is a natural cure for many diseases. The vegetarian menu and adherents of different diets that include mandatory green vegetable, because the vegetable has a worthy fortified structure, whereby all internal systems receive excellent recharge. Vegetable crops are annual, in appearance resembles broccoli compressed fist. The color scheme of cabbage can be diverse, from yellow to dark blue. It is believed that the ancestor of all other varieties of cabbage is just broccoli, benefits and harms which explored fully. Ingredients Broccoli is a dietary product, its menu include people who wish to reduce their weight. 

 Thanks fortified and mineral composition, vegetable replenishes the body with all vital substances. The main benefit of broccoli lies in its chemical constituents: protein. Broccoli sprouts differs from other varieties that contain useful protein that is easily digested. Amino acids. In cabbage contain beneficial amino acids such as tryptophan, methionine, lysine. The totality of all the useful amino acids is an excellent preventive measure against the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Protein. Protein components of broccoli may well win the competition with beef or chicken egg protein. Cellulose. A worthy place in the chemical composition of broccoli takes fiber, which regulates and normalizes the bowels. Chlorophyll. Useful component helps cleanse the blood. Sulforaphane. The unique material, which is part of the broccoli, actively fighting domestic harmful microorganisms and toxic substances. In addition, the useful component kills the bacteria that trigger the development of gastric ulcers. It is proved that sulforaphane is a reliable preventive measure against the emergence and further development of cancer cells. Vitamins. Rich fortified composition (vitamins C, A, D, E, all subgroup B, PP, K) provide all the necessary nutrition internal organs. Minerals. Broccoli is rich in such essential mineral components such as magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, sulfur, zinc and potassium. Useful properties of major mineral properties of broccoli lie in the fact that the vegetable is an indispensable product for a healthy body. Experts assure that consume quite useful vegetable every week to fill the body with all the vital components and to resist many diseases. Among the dominant mineral qualities of broccoli include: increased production of serotonin, which is also called hormone "happiness"; regulation and supervision of the heart and circulatory systems; the strengthening of the protective properties of an organism; prophylaxis and prevention of oncological diseases; prevention of the formation of stomach ulcers; improving internal and external structure of the skin; taking care of your vision, prevention of many diseases of the eye; cleansing the body of harmful components, toxic substances and slagging; normalization of water balance in the body, prevents the formation of cellulite; obstacle early aging; improving the work of the urinary system; Normalization of the digestive system; stimulation of excretion of bile; improvement of the connective tissue, taking care of flexibility, elasticity and skin health. Dietitians and nutrition experts recommend a healthy regular diet include broccoli pregnant women, young kids, old people.