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The benefits and harms of bow

The most versatile product, without which it is impossible to prepare almost any one dish, even some desserts made with its use - it's all about onions. It is not in vain called the king of root vegetables - in fact for its beneficial qualities with him can not be compared one vegetable. And this is perhaps the only root that can "fend for themselves" and "revenge" - everyone who has ever cleaned it, bathed in bitter tears! History Onion is one of the oldest vegetable crops. It was first mentioned by the ancient China and India in the IV millennium BC. Even then, doctors knew about the beneficial and harmful properties of onion and its effects on the human body, and doctors have used all of the bow for the treatment of many diseases.

 In Greek mythology, the gods, the Olympians added its juice in his miraculous ambrosia - the drink of immortality. The myth tells how one day the god-physician Asclepius offended by something that made cry of Zeus, brushing it with a bulb, which caused displeasure of thunder, because the bow was considered the food of the common people. Its distinctive taste and smell gives dishes elegance and piquancy. It makes food taste better, nourishes the human organism with vitamins, antioxidants, protects against bacteria and infections. The French onion soup is well-known outside of France and is popular with gourmets. And negative calorie onion - it burns more calories than it. So that he will lose his admirers. Interestingly archery can prepare an interesting seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes - onion jam. It turns a beautiful caramel color, and onion rings themselves - translucent and crisp. To do this on vegetable oil to fry until golden brown 0.5 kg of young onions and add a cup of sugar. When the mass caramelizing, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and white wine. Useful properties of onion Everyone knows about the useful properties of onion. They contain many substances necessary for an organism that protect us from bacteria and viruses. But more than that? Yes a lot of things! The juice of onion - a natural antibiotic. His volatile even help manage angina and other colds. Phthisiologists inhalation recommend him for pneumonia. Vitamins in bulb onions are a storehouse of - almost all group B, C, E, PP. In many onions microelements - zinc, phosphorus, fluoride, iron, calcium, potassium. It has a lot of organic amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, essential oils, tannins. This is an excellent anthelmintic, destroys even tape helminths, not to mention the roundworm and pinworm. Freshly onion juice - a great aphrodisiac, remedy against impotence, helps the prostate, it is simply necessary to all men after age 40. It improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, acts as a vasodilator. It is used in oncology. Onions in cosmetology is used as a skin bleaching agent - cut in half onion should be cleaned with pigment spots. It helps to quickly adapt when changing time zones. Harm onion Fresh onion increases the acidity of gastric juice, irritate the stomach wall, so it is contraindicated for use in food in acute gastro-intestinal diseases, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer, in diseases of the liver and kidneys. It is not recommended for use in nervous overexcitation. Also, it is harmful in hypertension. Well, if you are allergic to onions, it can not be used. Harmful can be cut and onion, which long lay open - at the bow there is a property "attract" to his bacteria. And the opposite result can be obtained instead of the desired product. So the bulb should be either used immediately all or hide under cover to avoid contact with air. Hint At the beginning of the cold, at the very first signs of sickness on a fine grater grate a medium-sized onion. Along with the tears caused by onion flavor, and goes cold. Luke, of course, you can then use in cooking. Oil onions Pharmacies can now be found the essential oil of onion. It can be used for inhalation for colds and pneumonia. This oil not only kills bacteria in the respiratory tract, but also is strong expectorant. It is drunk at the stagnation of bile in the gall bladder and a small increase in pressure.