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The benefits and harms of beet

Almost every gardener cultivates on his summer cottage this useful root vegetable, which is famous for its pleasant taste and maximum benefit. When properly stored, beets able not to lose its nutrients for a long time. As a ready-meals to people most acceptable boiled beets, benefits and harms that are described in many sources and are proven experts in modern nutrition. you can cook a whole variety of dishes based on boiled beets: it is added to soups and her tasty meal in a stew, it is the main ingredient in some salads. So what's the use of boiled beets? What contribution to the health of the person is able to bring this root? Composition The composition of the root crop contains almost the entire range of useful, high-vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Beetroot does not lose its unique qualities and heat treatment, so when the question arises: what is useful beetroot - raw or cooked? 

The answer is simple: beets is useful in any form. What is the composition of root? Vitamins - P, all subgroup B, PP. Fortified structure allows internal organs to tune into the positive work. Fortified components take care of strengthening the immune system; Minerals - iodine, manganese, iron, phosphorus, cesium, sulfur and potassium. A rich set of minerals helps the body cope with various ailments, it is an excellent prevention against cardiovascular disease and bone disease; Folic acid - an indispensable source of useful molecules, which are necessary for proper blood formation; Amino acids - help the body fight early aging and help cleanse the internal organs from various toxins and harmful substances. Good quality of cooked beet root unique quality is that boiled beets are equally rich in nutrients, as well as crude. For this reason, boiled beets becoming a popular product for the preparation of various dishes. How useful beets boiled? Antioxidants are part of boiled beets, take care of the body, they actively resist the attack germs and harmful microorganisms. Antioxidants effectively fight early aging of the organism, as well as contribute to the rejuvenation of skin cells; Known boiled beets its calming effect, it is very useful to use for people who, due to circumstances, are constantly faced with stress, nervous disorders, feelings; Root helps cleanse the body from the harmful effects of an unfavorable environment. It is recommended to regularly include dishes from the menu root people who work in hazardous enterprises; Cooked beetroot has a positive effect on the circulatory system. Since ancient times, a root vegetable used as a reliable tool in the fight against anemia. It is useful to use the beets women, especially during menstruation, as a vegetable perfectly restores the loss of blood in the body. And thanks to the rich content of iron, boiled beets increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood; Indispensable product gets boiled beets in men menu. This simple but delicious vegetable enhances sexual desire in the male half of the population; Useful properties of cooked beetroot helps the digestive tract to work at the proper level. Beetroot is known for its positive impact on the work of the entire digestive system, it helps cleanse the intestines of slagging and toxins, and thus relieve the body from the harmful effect of harmful micro-organisms; Root vegetable has a mild laxative effect, so it is useful for constipation; Perfect boiled beets for weight loss because it is a dietary product. How many calories in a boiled beets? Nutritionists advise people to include in the menu, dieters, boiled beet dish, because the caloric content of boiled beets is only 50 calories per 100 grams. product. Diet boiled beets helps not only lose a few extra kilogram of weight, but also gently care for the proper operation of the whole organism. Due to the fact that the root helps normalize the digestive process, it helps to establish the metabolic work without harm to rid the body of excess fat; Need boiled beets with gastritis. But it is important to remember that in inflammatory processes of the gastric mucosa root is recommended to eat only boiled. Vegetable copes with digestive problems and contributes to the normalization and regeneration functions of the stomach; Cooked beets in pancreatitis is a useful product. Vegetable perfectly cleanses the intestines, has laxative and diuretic properties, corrects metabolism. But forbidden to eat cooked beets with acute pancreatitis, as the fiber contained in the roots, it is very poorly absorbed by the body sore disease. Keep in mind that raw beet pancreatitis is forbidden to eat, but the boiled vegetables, you can feast on a daily basis in the morning, but a portion of intake should be no more than 100 grams; Very useful for the liver boiled beets. Vegetable cleaning properties and contributes to the restoration and renewal of the cells of an internal organ. Suffice controversial issue is whether you can breast-feeding boiled beets? Some people believe that red vegetables and fruits are forbidden to use a breastfeeding woman as contribute to the allergic characteristics of the organism in infants kid. But this fact does not apply to beet. Vegetables do not have allergic qualities, so it is recommended to include in the menu nursing moms. Cooked beets nourishes a woman's body useful components, which together with milk transmitted nursing infant.