The benefits and harms of Green peas

This inconspicuous to the primary view of vegetables - peas - carries a lot of useful properties and taste. The unique benefits of peas was known even to our distant ancestors. They used it as a staple food in numerous diseases. Peas in Chinese to this day is a symbol of nobility and wealth. But in France, the peas were permitted to eat only those that are close to the emperor. In Tibet - home of natural health - using a pea prepared various drugs, which had to be seriously ill people to eat, so the past expelled from your body disease and effectively promote blood renewal. So, peas - the benefits and harms of any nature can be applied to the body this vegetable? Composition Like many other plant foods, peas known for its rich nutrients and healing properties due to its chemical composition.

The main advantage of this vegetable is stored in the fact that he is a true treasure trove of easily digestible proteins, which promote a supportive work of the digestive tract. In addition, peas filled with useful carbohydrates and trace elements, dominant among which is given to magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, iodine and calcium. Among substances fortified peas is rich in vitamins, all subgroup B, as well as vitamin PP, and uniqueness S. vegetable in that its chemical composition in a sufficient amount for the products contained rare substance - lysine which is a natural cure heart and vascular diseases. Rich and peas on a substance as pyridoxine. It actively participates in the synthesis of amino acids useful. Pyridoxine in insufficient quantities for the body contributes to the appearance of dermatosis and various types of seizures. Selenium contained in peas, positive effect on the health of the whole body and helps cleanse all internal systems from the adverse effects of carcinogens and other harmful substances. Such useful peas calorie is small. In the green peas in an amount of 100 grams, there are about 248 calories. Useful properties of the summer season, you must not miss the opportunity to enjoy fresh green peas, but also during the rest of the year you can eat peas other varieties, thus enriching the body with useful components, and, at the same time, giving him a preventive effect. Peas is known for the following curative properties: Due to nicotinic acid, vegetable helps to normalize the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. It is proved that only 1 handful of useful vegetable intake provides the daily requirement of niacin. Pea is energetically valuable product, it is particularly recommended in the diet of the athletes, as maintains muscle tone and helps to gain muscle mass. Useful vegetable is a preventive product against the development of asthma. Moreover, in asthmatics, he must be present in the diet, as effectively prevents the development of complications of asthmatic attacks. If you regularly eat the bean product, significantly reduced the risk of developing atherosclerosis. Moreover, it is proved that the peas and has preventive properties against cancer occurrence. Vegetable shown to eat at various kinds of cardiovascular diseases, particularly advantageous use of pea affects the condition of the heart muscle, it helps to eliminate the arrhythmia. Medicine proved that in peas hidden antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is prescribed to patients with tuberculosis, as a product, efficiently eliminates bacteria. Since the peas contain sufficient digestible proteins, it is particularly recommended in the diet and as a product that promotes weight loss. Some nutritionists prescribe their patients receive the pea in the fight against obesity. The benefits of peas is in the fact that the product promotes skin rejuvenation. If you regularly include bean products on the menu, the skin becomes supple, radiant and youthful. Useful peas and deviations in the urogenital system. Firstly, it has a therapeutic effect in prostatitis. It is proved that the consumption of this vegetable is beneficial to increase sex drive in humans. Traditional medicine recommends the use of fresh green peas with heartburn. To do this, a few peas crush, chew and swallow. Indispensable vegetable in the treatment of superficial wounds, burns and abrasions. For the preparation of a therapeutic drug is mixed crushed peas and fresh egg. The most famous, perhaps, the medicinal properties of legume enclosed in eliminating constipation.