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The benefits and harms of Chickpeas

Turkish or garbanzo beans –chickpeas – began to grow in agriculture well before the onset of ad. Still not knowing the cause of useful properties of chickpea, people used it in medicine for treatment of different diseases were served as dessert.

Homeland chickpeas – East of the country. There today chickpea is popular and widely used as a food, it is grown in industrial scale. In ancient times, chickpeas were served kings and emperors. In the XVII century, chickpea was used as coffee. In Greece, the peas was considered a symbol of male power and dignity.

In our days, garbanzo beans, belong to the category of dietary health food. It is included in your diet in the diet, proper nutrition, and not leave his side and vegetarians.

Properties of chickpeas

Chickpea is an annual plant, its fruits grow in a short, contorted pods 2-3 pieces each. Peas have a form of an irregular sphere with angular bulge, color from orange to dark brown.

Chickpeas are rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals. It contains a large amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, selenium. Only pea has a membership of about 80 chemical elements.

Chickpeas are rich in proteins. According to their numbers, he approaches the eggs. Gram the body receives essential amino acids. Garbanzo beans ranked first on the content of such essential amino acids as methionine.

Garbanzo beans are rich in thiamin, Riboflavin, vitamin C. Of it a person receives oxalic, malic, folic acid. Peas are rich in protein and carbohydrates.

The use of chickpeas

If you regularly use chickpeas in food, reduced the content of cholesterol in blood, normalizes the circulatory system. Sodium and potassium improve heart function. Useful chickpeas are the people who have problems with blood vessels. Sodium strengthens them from inside makes the walls more elastic. Potassium contributes to normal functioning of the heart, strengthening the heart muscle. Chickpeas normalizes blood pressure.

Calcium and phosphorus have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. They strengthen bones, teeth, doing hair and nails less brittle.

Magnesium strengthens the immune system. People who eat chickpeas is present, less prone to virus and colds, will cope with the disease and easier carry.

Essential amino acid methionine improves liver function, prevents obesity, improves internal state, generates vitality and helps to burn fat cells.

Chickpeas improves the intestine, normalizes appetite, improves digestion.

Garbanzo beans good for your skin, it fights acne, evens skin and makes it soft, removes dryness.

Chickpeas prevents the development of cataract, glaucoma, improves vision. Chickpeas improves potency in men and normalizes the reproductive system and also helps dissolve and eliminate stones from the gallbladder.

Insoluble dietary fiber is removed from the body wastes, stale food, cleanses the body of toxins, bile.

Chickpeas help women during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. The iron which it contains helps to restore blood cells, involved in the formation of milk.

Thanks to manganese, chickpea strengthens the nervous system, making it resistant to stress, combats insomnia.

The use of chickpeas

The most widely used – cooking. It is added to soups, salads, served as a side dish, a main dish. It can be eaten raw or after heat treatment.

Gram flour can be applied from scabies, tumors, dermatitis. Chickpeas ointment is used to remove from the body bruises.

Chickpeas improves the metabolic processes in the body, therefore, is used in dietary nutrition. Eat it even raw foodists, soak the chickpeas in water.

The dangers of chickpeas

Chickpea contributes to the formation of gas in the intestines, which appear with a characteristic odor.

Do not drink garbanzo beans, ulcer of the bladder.

You should not use the chickpeas to the elderly, they can cause pain in the abdomen and flatulence. In old age bowel disease is transferred much more complicated.