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The benefits and harms of Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts is a kind of cabbage. This type of cabbage has been bred thanks to Kale in Belgium. A little later she appeared in France, Holland and Germany. In our country, this type of cabbage came about in the early nineteenth century. But, unfortunately, not happened, due to climatic conditions. Today, the cultivation of cabbage is done mostly in Western Europe. USA, Canada, UK are the main suppliers. In our country there are places where they grow cabbage, but this occurs in small batches. Although as a product Brussels sprouts in our country is popular. And many families used this type of cabbage as food. But it's worth noting the taste of the cabbage.

Properties of Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts, real vitamin a vegetable, in which a large number of useful components. It, of course it's hard to believe, considering its size. Because the heads of cabbage very small in size, but the lack of it is a fact. In cabbage contains: sugar, starch, essential to a person's fiber, protein. And a set of vitamins: C, B2, B6, B9,PP. Miro – macro elements contained in the composition of cabbage: sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine.

Use Brussels sprouts

Unrealistic due to its rich vitamin content, Brussels sprouts are considered to be very useful and therapeutic. This vegetable is the perfect tool for the prevention of diseases of the pancreas and stomach. A decoction of cabbage can be useful for constipation, and problems with the digestive tract. List the components of the vitamin in cabbage, well help the body cope with mild manifestations of colds. And cabbage, may reduce the percentage of inflammatory and infectious diseases. It is a wonderful herbal remedy, ideal for boosting the immune system and support your body in great condition.

But we should not overestimate this variety of cabbage. This, of course, a very useful vegetable, but in severe diseases it is unlikely that it can work wonders. But as a means of prevention, this is a wonderful product.


The application of the Brussels sprouts

Usually Brussels sprouts are edible. These little heads have an amazing sweet, nutty flavor. Someone uses cabbage as a side dish, some add to soups, stews and so on. This product can be given a roasting after it has been thermally treated. Cook the cabbage should be only five to seven minutes. But if it is frozen, the procedure should extend for three to five minutes.

Because of its pleasant color and small size, cabbage is often used for decorating. And also as snacks. This type of cabbage is perfect for those who observe diets or wants to lose weight.

Harm Brussels sprouts

Cabbage, in particular Brussels, is not often makes allergies or other unpleasant situation. So it's safe to say that benefit from it much more than harm. But there are still times when it is better to refrain from eating this vegetable. Like many other vegetables, do not eat cabbage if you have stomach problems, increased acidity. And if there are real problems with the intestines. Since cabbage can cause bloating and formation of gas. Also not recommended to use cabbage to people who have problems with the thyroid gland.

But it is not necessary to completely abandon the use of such interesting product because with the right approach and in moderation, the cabbage will be an excellent tool for the body. Of course when used in large numbers, the result may not be as good. So everything should be back to normal.