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The benefits and harms of Sweet potato

The sweet potato plant family Vukovije. It refers to the tuber plants and the people called "yams."

Looks like a sweet potato vine that has creeping stems up to 5 meters in length. Lateral roots of this plant tend to condense and thicken, resulting in formation of tubers with edible pulp, which can be different colors from white to purple.

To grow a sweet potato started in Peru and Colombia, where it spread around the world. Today, almost 85% of total crop yields in China.

Properties of sweet potato

Good food in its tubers. They can reach 30 inches in length, have thin skin and juicy pulp. Unlike ordinary potatoes, sweet potato no so-called "eyes". There are several varieties of this plant, from which the tubers may vary in shape and in color, and in taste and texture, and skin color.

Priority for growing varieties are varieties with sweet tubers. The tubers of this plant are used exclusively in cooking, but the starch extracted from sweet potatoes, can be used for medical purposes.

Use sweet potato

It is considered to be a very useful product because:

promotes the excretion of excess cholesterol. This involved fiber and vitamin B6, which is contained in the tubers.
regulates water balance, lowers blood pressure, improves the elasticity of the arteries;
promotes healing of gastric ulcers. This helps the b and C vitamins, beta-carotene and potassium. These components have antiinflammatory action and reduce pain associated with the disease. Effectively and gastritis;
is the prevention of constipation;
prevents the development of arthritis, and with the current disease used as a preventive tool;
useful for Smoking people suffering from vitamin A deficiency to prevent lung diseases;
useful for keeping skin toned. Effective for wrinkles, rejuvenates and smoothes your skin as women age;
has anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the many above vitamins sweet potato reduces inflammation of nerve tissue;
is a mild antidepressant. Sweet potato contains potassium, which usually is absent in depressive States. The fruit helps to fill the deficit and lift the spirits, relieve anxiety, to energize;
helps to increase muscle mass. This is because sweet potato has carbohydrates, which feed muscle and can relieve pain and spasms of the muscles of bodybuilders;
despite the fact that the product is sweet, it is safe for diabetics. And all because he has low glycemic index, causing the level of sugar is not increased;
prevents cancer. He does not give a destructive impact on cells by free radicals which lead to cancer development;
helps to reduce weight. And all thanks to the fiber;
improves the cardiovascular system. Yam strengthens the walls of blood vessels due to vitamin B6. Therefore, it is useful when the deviation from normal pressure level and the work system of the heart and blood vessels.
The use of sweet potatoes

The sweet varieties can be eaten raw, after washing the fruit and clean it from the skin.

Sweet potato cooked mashed potatoes. For this purpose it is cut into cubes and cook like potatoes, but 30 minutes. While salt is not necessary. After cooking to drain the water and from tapping that sweet potato, adding water in which it is cooked or milk.

It and fry in vegetable oil, pre-cut into cubes. Salt in this case, the dish is also not necessary.

It can also be baked, added to cereal, to chips, candy. And in salads, you can add the young leaves of the plants, pre-soak and cook them. Seeds plants you can use instead of coffee.

Harm sweet potato

The sweet potato must not be used for duodenal ulcers, spastic colitis, or ulcer caused by the ulcer. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should also refrain from this product.