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The benefits and harms of Camembert

Camembert is a French cheese, which is outside covered with a crust of mold white. Camembert is very similar to the cheese "brie", but only at first glance, because it is much fatter, making its texture more tender and creamy. Taste Camembert a bit tangy, somewhat reminiscent of mushrooms. A distinctive feature of this cheese is that it melts easily even at room temperature after 5 minutes its middle softens and begins to flow. Fat content – 45%

History of Camembert cheese

The cheese, like many other products come from Normandy. According to some versions, it was first prepared by farmer Marie Harel, who hid at home the monk who fled from the province of brie. And in order to thank the girl, the monk taught her how to make cheese "brie" - a dish native to his province. Well as for the preparation of this cheese requires special conditions, the peasant, the result was a little different. And it turned out the closest relative of brie cheese – Camembert. Peasant very inspired, and all her life she was engaged in the manufacture of this cheese, constantly improving technology.

In 1863, cheese was given to Napoleon III as a product, a native of the province of Normandy Camembert. Emperor cheese incredibly much, and most likely this has played a key role in the ensuing "boom Camembert", resulting in the Family of Arel had to significantly expand their production.

For a very long time cheese was impossible to try anywhere else except France. Happened because Camembert could not withstand long distance transport. Limit it was to transport to Paris, where cheese was delivered for 6 hours, wrapped in straw. But then was invented the wooden box and the transportation over long distances became possible. Immediately cheese has gained immense popularity in America and other countries.

Interesting fact: initially, the Camembert was not covered with a white crust. She was the color from gray to blue-gray, often with brown spots. Then cheese began to put a white crust, using a special kind of mold.


During the first world war, Camembert was the most popular, because it has become a mandatory element of the military rations of the soldier that came in tin cans.

It was then that he won the national love. Has invented a great many different recipes that were similar to a recipe for Camembert.

The manufacture of Camembert

Before the cheese is made only from pasteurized milk, although the true Normandy Camembert is still made by this technology. However, in all other regions, use pasteurized milk in order to increase the safety of use of the product. But in any case, there is one rule – no concentrates and powders, only whole milk.

Use Camembert

In order to assess what benefits for the human body are eating Camembert cheese, just look at its composition – a huge amount of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals. This is all extremely positive effect on digestion, mood, overall health. Many nutritionists offer their visitors to enter a Camembert in your permanent diet. However, here there is a restriction of a person need 50 grams of cheese to bring the body just positive impact.

The application of Camembert

Camembert can be served separately or in a cheese plate. Add nuts/fruits/herbs. Perfectly combined with cheese, soft French baguette. Very well used Camembert when baking, because it melts almost instantly, and gets even softer which makes it an excellent ingredients for preparing pizza, pie, or just baking with herbs/fruit. Blends perfectly Camembert with Calvados and Apple cider, which accentuate the creamy sharp taste of the cheese.

In any case, eat a lot of cheese will not work, because it is very oily – 45%. A small package is enough for a cheese plate or cooking the pie.

The dangers of Camembert

If you stick to the recommended amount – no more than 50 grams. cheese a day, no negative effects from drinking is not, and can not be. But if you overdo it, you can get diarrhea, because the mold contains a fungus that promotes the production of antibiotics that kill good bacteria. All of this can lead to a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. Those who have bowel problems, it is better to abandon the use of delicacy, or to use it very carefully in order to avoid possible problems.