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The benefits and harms of celery

Experts in nutrition have proven that this product contains the useful values that are beneficial to health and body in General.

Celery raw is recommended to use it efficiently in the treatment of any disease because it has all the required body of useful trace elements.

The healing properties of celery

In this course the form of this vegetable helps individuals who have experienced high blood pressure (hypertension), celery, due to its composition is able to stabilize and lower pressure level.

For the modern layman, the fight against overweight is the most urgent problem. This problem will help use celery, even this product is the basis of the different diets are aimed at correcting the weight.

Contained in this plant are the main minerals for the body, including luteolin is a unique substance, part of this flow providing the maximum anti-inflammatory effect and helps to rejuvenate the body.



What is the harm from the use of this plant?

Each drug is beneficial to the body when consumed in moderation. If there is no medical evidence, that consumption of celery in a day should be no more than 200 grams. Despite the fact that this plant is on the buds has a good effect, it contributes to the remarkable removal of stones from these organs, however, if a person has kidney disease, the daily serving should be 100 grams.

Caution in taking the celery should be taken by people with stomach ulcers and gastritis. It should be consumed in moderation. In such cases, before taking this product should consult a doctor.

In the case of excessive consumption of celery can cause digestive disorders.

Some scientists have proven that celery may reduce in the female body the production of breast milk, and it is not recommended to include in food and during pregnancy because it may cause allergic reactions in the baby. Therefore,the woman in lactation period must exclude from your diet this plant.