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The benefits and harms of hell

What is the use of horseradish for the body

For the digestion.

The root is very strongly activates the intestines and the secretion of different digestive enzymes. This medicinal action he is obliged to mineral salts, a mustard oil and a special ingredient – sinigrin. The latter, incidentally, gives it a peculiar pungent taste.

Together, these components that are included with horseradish strongly stimulates the appetite and affect the receptors of the digestive system, stimulating the production of gastric juice. But everything is good in moderation.

And hell in very large quantities can be harmful to the digestive tract. It can increase stomach acidity and aggravate the manifestations of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Therefore, it is used only as a spice.

For joints.

In folk medicine, there are a large number of recipes using horseradish for the treatment of many inflammatory diseases and diseases associated with disorders of salt balance in the joints.



The garden fuck in the garden

For example, tincture of horseradish is actively used to relieve external inflammation and used to treat gout, it warms up the stretched muscles, and to accelerate wound healing. In addition, horseradish is useful in rheumatism. Regular consumption of the root helps to relieve pain and partial regeneration of cartilage tissue.

For the liver and kidneys.

But perhaps an even more effective fuck can be for the kidneys and liver. To blame choleretic and diuretic properties of horseradish. However, he almost has no contraindications in diseases of the liver and kidneys.

The dangers of hell will have an impact for those who have kidney disease or chronic disease of the digestive tract. Horseradish is contraindicated in pregnant women. In addition, any person should know that abuse of this sharp product, such as horseradish can cause increased blood pressure and even cause bleeding.

The most curious thing is that the use of hell can only be for no more than a week, yet still has lots of nutrients. After this time hell becomes nothing more than just spice to the table. Therefore, experts suggest, it is possible to prepare seasoning from hell on their own, to maximize the extracted benefits and harms of shit to eliminate, carefully following the guidelines issued.