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The benefits and harms of topinambur

The use of Jerusalem artichoke is its variety of nutrients. For example, the content of iron, this root is much superior to such vegetables as carrots, potatoes, beets and turnips. It is worth noting that the organic matter content of inulin, artichoke again outperforms other vegetables.

The use of Jerusalem artichoke in the digestive system. Jerusalem artichoke which includes inulin, has a cleansing effect. With food in our body gets different kinds of bacteria. Inulin binds and eliminates them.Jerusalem artichoke is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, diseases of the duodenum, constipation and diarrhea.Helps to absorb selenium, though it does not contain.Stops the vomiting will relieve the nausea and bitter taste in the mouth.

The use of Jerusalem artichoke are able to normalize the gastrointestinal tract, and has choleretic effect. Beneficial effects on the gastric mucosa.

Jerusalem artichoke is useful in dysbiosis. The roots of Jerusalem artichoke with regular use contribute to the development of the intestine normal microflora. Creating all the necessary conditions for it.

Useful for diabetics. The number one product in diabetics. These root vegetables contains a record number of inulinu. Thanks to this substance, the artichoke is well reduces the blood sugar level and well-regulated activity of the pancreas.

The use of Jerusalem artichoke in its cleansing effects. The fruit of Jerusalem artichoke is recommended to use people who live in cities with poor ecological environment. Helps rid the body of salts of heavy metals, toxins, radionuclides. Well removes cholesterol and prevents its appearance.Cleans the intestines of toxins.Simply put, the Jerusalem artichoke is a very good antioxidant!



A diuretic effect. Due to the diuretic action artichoke eliminates edema renal and cardiac origin. It will be useful for those who have kidney stones.

Artichoke is useful in hypertension. Beneficial effects on the entire cardiovascular system. It is recommended for hypertension, tachycardia, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Well lowers blood pressure.

The Jerusalem artichoke contains a lot of silica – an essential mineral in the body. Thanks to him, our bones absorb calcium well, and our hair, nails and body remain healthy.

Harm Jerusalem artichoke can cause as a result of his intolerance. Even though this is not common, is still the place to be.

In addition, the roots can cause some discomfort in the intestines. Especially when drinking large quantities of product, Jerusalem artichoke can cause increased flatulence. Patients with flatulence, you should pay attention to it.

The last contraindication of Jerusalem artichoke contained in the saying: “Everything is good in moderation!”.

Do not abuse them. Better and much more positive on the human body is affected by the combination of different vegetables or fruits.