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The benefits and harms of Pumpkin

About health benefits of pumpkin, you can write a whole book. This is a full, rich vitamin and mineral complex. This is the "storehouse" utility is successfully used in folk medicine. Now we look at the main useful properties of this vegetable.

Improves your vision. In the pumpkin contains vitamin a (carotene), though not as much as in carrots, however this has a positive effect on our eyes and protects them from illnesses.

Useful for digestion. It has been proven that pumpkin has a positive effect on the digestion. Dieticians advise to include in your diet this diet a vegetable for obesity and weight loss.Nutritious pumpkin flesh is easily absorbed by our body. After a hearty meat dinner, not be amiss to eat a few pieces of vegetable. This will help the stomach easier to digest "heavy" meals.The pumpkin is high in fiber, which is also essential for those who suffer from obesity.

Pumpkin useful for hypertensive patients. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, pumpkin removes waste, toxins and excess cholesterol from the body due to the pectin fiber. Regular consumption of pumpkin pulp or juice will help to reduce and, over time, and normalize the blood pressure.Well strengthens blood vessels and normalizes water-salt balance. Inhibits the growth of tubercle bacilli. Doctors recommend eating pumpkin, to protect yourself from pyelonephritis.



Champion iron and vitamin T. Pumpkin improves metabolism in the body and promotes blood clotting.

What else is useful in a pumpkin? Pumpkin – has a good diuretic effect. It contains a lot of water (90%) and potassium salts, which in turn helps the gradual dissolution of stones in kidneys and bladder.For the treatment of inflammation of the bladder, kidney failure, hemorrhoids is to eat a pumpkin is raw.Elevates mood and helps with insomnia. Fans of the pumpkins significantly increased vitality. Due to its properties also strengthens the nervous system and helps with insomnia.Protects and strengthens the immune system. Thanks to content of vitamin C, pumpkin is able to resist viral diseases for a year. Unlike other vegetables from the pumpkin shelf life much more, making it an indispensable product in the winter and spring.

Harm the pumpkin and contraindications

Should not eat a pumpkin:

Gastritis with low acidity

In violation of the acid-alkaline balance.

In intestinal colic.

Raw pumpkin is not recommended to use with increased sugar in the blood.

Contained in the seeds of pumpkin variety of acids harmful to the enamel of the teeth. After eating you should rinse your mouth with water.