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The benefits and harms of Beets

Useful properties of beets, it is of particular nutritional value associated with two points. First, it is a unique set of elements that is not found anywhere else, and, secondly, beet contains a large number of substances not being destroyed under temperature cooking. The use of boiled beets there is no doubt.

Useful properties of beet due to its biochemical composition.

Beets are good for chronic constipation. Thanks to the fiber, organic acids and other elements, regulates metabolism, increases intestinal peristalsis. Beets — the "cleaner" of organism № 1, open bowels including due to the destruction of putrefactive bacteria, not only the mechanical effects of fiber.

Beet is useful in that it contains a lipotropic substance betaine, which regulates fat metabolism, prevents infiltration of liver and increase blood pressure. Beet betaine in equal measure and performs its function in freshly squeezed juice, and hot soup. Used in obesity, liver diseases.

Magnesium in abundance contained in beets, helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension.

Beet root has diuretic, laxative effect. It stops the pain, has anti-inflammatory action, promotes healing, helps the body fight depression and is the perfect cure for a hangover consisting of meat soup.



Beets are helpful for healthy blood. It is composed of the trace elements responsible for these processes. People whose intake is beets, rarely suffer from anemia.

Harm beets

Probably better to cook on the dangers of beet, and about the limitations in its application. It is also due to the chemical composition of beet.

Osteoporosis, predisposition. This is due to the fact that beetroot prevents the absorption of calcium.

Diabetes. Because it's a sweet vegetable with a fairly high sugar content.

Urolithiasis (oxaluria in the first place). Beetroot is contraindicated in this case because it contains oxalic acid. In the Internet there are many folk recipes for treatment of kidney stones and bladder beet juice. You can't do it in any case!

Chronic diarrhea. Beet has a pronounced laxative effect.