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The benefits and harms of Turnips

Benefits and harms of a turnip

Turnip has a number of beneficial properties for the body.

For example, turnip juice has analgesic, sedative and expectorant action, dissolves stones in kidneys, stimulates the heart and has a positive effect in diseases of the joints of rheumatic and non-traumatic origin.



Turnips recommended for use in low-calorie diets for food of patients with obesity and diabetes. Turnip is a diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and analgesic properties. In any kind of turnips — one of the most effective means of healing the gut. Turnips used in different polyneuritis, in the treatment of gout and salt deposits.

Should not eat turnips during exacerbation of inflammatory processes in the intestine. There are contraindications as acute and chronic hepatitis and cholecystitis, diseases of the Central nervous system.

Boiled mashed turnips apply to the sore areas of gout. To reduce the arthritic pains use bath a decoction of turnips. For toothache warm broth turnip rinse the mouth.