The benefits and harms of Green peas

Like countless other herbal products, peas are known for their rich nutritional and medicinal properties due to its chemical composition. The main advantage of this vegetable stored in that it is a real treasure trove of easily digestible proteins, which promote good digestive tract. In addition, the pea is filled with useful carbohydrates and micronutrients, predominant among which is given to magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, iodine and calcium. Among fortified substances green peas is rich in vitamins of all groups, and vitamin PP and C. The uniqueness of the vegetable in that its chemical composition in sufficient quantity for products contains a rare substance — lysine, which is natural cure of heart and vascular diseases. Rich peas and a substance such as pyridoxine. It participates actively in the synthesis of useful amino acids. Pyridoxine is insufficient for the body's quantities contributes to the appearance of dermatosis and various kinds of seizures.

In the summer season you must not miss the opportunity to eat fresh green peas, but for the rest of the year you can eat peas of different sorts, thereby enriching the body with valuable nutrients, and, at the same time, giving him preventive effect. Peas is famous for the following therapeutic properties: Due to nicotinic acid, the vegetable helps to normalize the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. It is proved that only 1 handful of useful vegetable ensures the supply of the daily requirement of nicotinic acid. Peas is energetically valuable product, it is particularly recommended in the diet of athletes, as it maintains muscle tone and muscle mass. Useful vegetable is a preventive product against the development of asthma. Moreover, in asthmatics it must be present in the diet, as it effectively prevents the development of complications of asthmatic attacks. If you regularly eat legumes this product significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. Moreover, it is proved that peas possesses preventive properties against the occurrence of cancer.



Vegetable shown for use with various kinds of cardiovascular disease, particularly beneficial use of peas affects the condition of the heart muscle, helps to eliminate arrhythmia. It's medically proven that the peas are hiding antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is prescribed to TB patients as a product that efficiently eliminates bacteria. As in peas in sufficient quantity to contain easily digestible proteins, it is particularly recommended in the diet and as a product, contributing to weight loss. Some nutritionists prescribe a treatment of peas to their patients in the fight against obesity. The use of pea lies in the fact that the product promotes skin rejuvenation. If you regularly include legumes in the product menu, then the skin becomes supple, radiant and youthful. Useful peas and deviations in the work of the genitourinary system. First and foremost, it has a therapeutic effect in prostatitis. It is proved that consumption of this vegetable has a beneficial effect on improving sexual desire in humans.

Harm and contraindications Like most other products, the pea has its contraindications. In addition, the vegetable can cause significant harm to the human body, particularly in the following cases: during pregnancy a legume contraindicated for use in large quantity. So like peas cause gas, such as future moms can adversely affect the behavior of its fruit; peas the same applies to "heavy" products, so it overeating can cause discomfort in the stomach; peas are not recommended for use by older people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The thing is that the pea is composed of a large number of purine acid, which can be deposited in the muscles, joints and tendons. With a sedentary lifestyle such purine deposits can cause pain and cause the development of some articular diseases; people suffering from gout are advised not to eat the peas fresh, he is allowed to drink only boiled form and in small proportions; gastritis or peptic ulcer disease presence of a legume may favor the appearance of complications: it is important to remember about the individual intolerance of the product, which often affects people. If any peas to eat strictly contraindicated.