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The benefits and harm to the body of black sesame seeds

black sesame seedsWhat not only gifted the nature of man in order to maintain his health. Virtually every vegetable, fruit, plant and blade of grass contains a powerful force that can have a beneficial effect on the human body and heal its ailments. Previous generations used such gifts, making magic potions and medicinal elixirs from them, but the modern market for medicines made people almost forget about the natural beginning. Now interest in organic products and medicines is reviving with renewed vigor. The man felt and tested on himself all the knowledge that he inherited from his ancestors. Magical sesame has survived to our times, having carried all its benefits from the depths of centuries, combining the experience of the first doctors and modern research by specialists.
Sesame is an ancient culture, references to which can be found in Egyptian scrolls, namely in the Ebers papyrus. Africa is considered to be the birthplace of this amazing plant.
The sesame plant itself belongs to the Sesame family and is an annual. Its height usually reaches one or two meters. The fruits are harvested in August or September. The seeds themselves are contained in a small green or red box and can be painted in white, yellow, brown and black.
Black sesame - refers to the type of plant Sesam, so it is also called sesame or sim-sim. The black look is seeds that have not been polished, and therefore their taste and aroma, similar to walnut, is much brighter than that of light representatives of this culture. There is a legend according to which it was the seeds of black sesame that were included in the divine elixir, giving eternal life.
The Egyptians knew about the benefits of this amazing plant, they used it initially as flour, the Romans made spicy paste from seeds, the Chinese added it as “fuel” for lamps and a component for creating mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes. In India, the sim provided immortality, and in Africa it protected from slavery.
Currently, the sim is grown by Indians, Chinese, residents of Central Asia, Pakistan and the Mediterranean countries. This spice helps a person diversify the taste of usual treats and maintain their health.

What is the difference between black sesame and white

The most popular varieties of sesame are considered to be representatives of white and black species. They both have similar characteristics, but there are still differences:
1. In the case of the chemical composition of the product, a high content of vitamins E, K, C, protein and fats in white sesame can be noted. Black contains more vitamins A, B, carbohydrates and ash.
2. The nutritional value of the products is also slightly different. So, in terms of the number of antioxidants, the palm went to black sesame seeds. It helps to lower cholesterol, because contains more phytosterols that perform this function.
3. In appearance, the differences are obvious. The white variety is ground and the black seeds are not peeled.
4. By taste, the seeds differ from each other in shades. So, the white variety has nutty notes, and the black one has a more pronounced tart taste and aroma. Both found their application in cooking, where they are used for marinades, pastries, salads and other dishes.
Sesame species are also distinguished by production: white is grown in Latin America, and black are fascinated by the Chinese, Thais, Japanese and people of Burma.
But, despite the differences, both types of sims have found their application in many sectors of human life and have gained their fans.

Which is more useful

Sesame, regardless of the variety, is a useful spice, but its action is different from the variety, because the content of nutrients has its differences. Nevertheless, doctors find more advantages in black sesame, which is recommended for use in cancer, psoriasis, arthritis, osteoporosis. It is also used for the preparation of plasters and ointments, the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Therefore, if we consider the question of which type of sesame is more useful, then it is worth starting from its orientation, which depends on the number of nutrients acting on a particular organ with different strengths. But according to the influence as a whole, black sesame seeds are a little more useful, because mineral substances are found in the seed peel, which is present in this species. In white, they clean it.


The mysterious African spice has not only an interesting taste, but also a whole list of useful substances that can significantly improve human health, as well as get rid of some diseases. Among the nutrients contained in the seeds, you can see the following:
• vitamins A, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, K, PP;
• choline;
• Vitamin C;
• Vitamin E;
• Vitamin K;
• Vitamin PP;
• potassium;
• magnesium;
• copper;
• calcium;
• zinc;
• manganese;
• selenium;
• sodium;
• phosphorus;
• iron.

Useful properties of black sesame seeds

General benefit

For thousands of years, nut-spicy sesame seeds have served humanity as a seasoning that can improve the aroma and taste of the product, and as a means of helping the body get rid of various diseases and maintain basic functions. The nutrients that sesame is so rich in have the following effects on human health:
• normalization of metabolic processes in the body;
• cleansing of toxins and toxins;
• lower cholesterol;
• normalization of the human nervous system;
• troubleshooting sleep problems;
• obstruction of the aging process;
• improving the appearance of the skin and maintaining its elasticity;
• nail strengthening;
• restoration of hair structure and its strengthening;
• strengthening the human skeleton;
• prevention of cancer, osteoporosis, anemia;
• regulation of the human cardiovascular system;
• support and regulation of mineral balance;
• strengthening immunity;
• destruction of helminths;
• stool normalization with diarrhea.
The magical properties of the black plant variety are due, of course, to the rich content of those elements that are essential for human health.
While sesame has a beneficial effect on any organism, it can act separately on women, men and children, bringing them the help that is needed depending on individual characteristics.

For women

Black sesame seeds help women cope with stress and avoid the development of mastopathy. Also, due to the presence of phytoestrogens, seeds can help to more easily transfer the period of menopause and cope with the characteristic signs of PMS, alleviating the situation as a whole and preventing heavy bleeding. In addition, sesame seed fights with the formation of free radicals, thereby preventing the appearance and development of malignant neoplasms. It is worth noting its positive effect on the genitourinary system and thyroid gland. Special attention is paid to the properties of black magic seed, which has the ability to prevent aging, maintain youthful skin and maintain healthy hair and nails.
Thus, the magic sesame, included in the daily diet, will help beautiful women to maintain and improve their health, and maybe even find the cherished elixir of eternal youth!

For men

A strange African plant will also be of great benefit to men. It will help in building muscle mass, increasing male strength and prolonging its activity, strengthening the skeleton, normalizing the functioning of the nervous system, as well as lowering cholesterol. Therefore, men who care about their health need to include black sesame seeds in their diet. And for those for whom the issue of increasing potency and maintaining male power is important, small seeds are simply necessary.

During pregnancy

During the expectation period of a child, doctors warn that the expectant mother must take vitamins or saturate her body with them using natural fortified foods. Sesame, which is quite capable of dealing with this problem, becomes such a tool. He will not only give the woman his beneficial substances, but will also solve the following issues:
1. Strengthen the bone skeleton of the pregnant woman and the fetus will help calcium, which in sesame contains almost as much as in milk.
2. Prevention of anemia and increased hemoglobin are possible due to the presence of iron, copper and vitamin B.
3. The future mother’s nervous system will also be under control.
4. Bowel problems will help solve the fatty acids that sesame is rich in. They will adjust the peristalsis of the body and take care of its proper functioning.
These factors provide good evidence of the benefits of sesame seeds for the body of a pregnant woman and the healthy formation of the baby. But it is worth noting that in the first trimester of pregnancy, eating seeds is not recommended, because the risk of developing allergic reactions is very high. Therefore, it is possible to eat sesame only from the second trimester and after consultation with a specialist who is able to correctly determine the benefits and daily allowance for a pregnant woman.

When breastfeeding

After the birth of the baby, the body of the young mother begins to seek strength not only to feed the baby, but also to recover after a difficult test. All nutrients found in black sesame seeds will also come to the rescue. They will help to fill the shortage of vital microelements not only for mom, but also for the baby. Also, the spice will help keep hair, bones and skin in a healthy state, strengthen immunity, lower cholesterol, activate the production of breast milk and make it more nutritious. In addition, the magical power of seeds will help a young mother recover from childbirth much earlier.
It must be remembered that the daily norm for women during lactation is one teaspoon. It should also be clarified separately that allergic reactions to sesame are possible, but only for those parents who experience symptoms of an allergy to any nuts. In such cases, you should abandon the use of sesame. In other situations, sesame will only benefit the body of a nursing woman and her baby.

For children

Black sesame is useful for both children and adults. It helps the baby in the correct formation of the bone skeleton, the normalization of the heart, nervous system. The product strengthens the immune system, teeth and hair, normalizes digestion, activates the brain, helps to cope with respiratory diseases. Also, sesame seeds perfectly enhance mood and help the child develop correctly and harmoniously.
Doctors recommend starting to introduce sesame seeds to the baby from the age of eight months, unless, of course, there are digestive problems. But it is better to give buns with sesame seeds to the baby after three years, because such baking is still too heavy for a small organism.
It is better to start acquaintance with the spice with a few seeds, which can be added to the dish familiar to the baby. But it is worth remembering that you can not combine spice with parsley, spinach, some berries and fruits. The fact is that these products contain oxalic acid, which, with this combination, can provoke the development of urolithiasis.

When losing weight

Despite the fact that sesame seed is a fairly high-calorie product, 1 tablespoon contains only 52 kcal. Therefore, sesame is perfect for those who follow a diet in order to lose weight. The benefits of seeds for weight loss are as follows:
1. Prevents the occurrence of nervous breakdowns, calming and adjusting the work of the nervous system.
2. Suppresses appetite due to a large amount of fiber.
3. Normalizes the hormonal background, which is often the cause of gaining excess body weight.
4. Minimizes the severity of any diet.
5. Accelerates and regulates the metabolism.
6. Cleans from toxins.
7. Removes excess fluid.
8. Accelerates the process of splitting fats.
To feel all of these properties, you should take no more than 2 tablespoons of seasoning per day, because abuse can lead to allergies, nausea, heartburn. Therefore, eating sesame seeds on the diet is possible and necessary, but without fanaticism!

Harm and contraindications

black sesame seeds2Whatever the ideal product, it always has contraindications. Black sesame can also be harmful if consumed in the following cases:
• in children under four years of age;
• with urolithiasis;
• overweight;
• reduced blood coagulability;
• pregnancy (in large numbers);
• low blood pressure;
• serious heart disease;
• thrombosis;
• individual intolerance to the product.
But it is worth noting that all cases are purely individual, and therefore, before use, you should consult a specialist to establish the possibility or complete prohibition of the use of the product.

How to choose and store

Black sesame seeds can be purchased at the store either in packaging or by weight. In order for the grains to benefit, and the buyer can evaluate the real taste of the product, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage conditions of the seeds. They should be kept dry and out of the reach of light. Otherwise, you can buy rancid sesame, which does not share the nutty taste, but only delivers bitterness both from the taste and from the acquisition of such a purchase. The best thing that can be done to understand what is the quality of sesame seeds is to ask the seller to give a try to the product, only then to purchase the goods.
Seeds should be stored in a tightly closed container, such as a container, and in the refrigerator, as well as in the freezer, where the shelf life of the product increases from six months (in the refrigerator) to one year. So, magic sesame will be able to please the benefits and taste of its owners for a long time.

How to take black sesame seeds

To feel the taste and healing power of black sesame seeds, you need to know some of the subtleties of its use. There are two opinions on how to take them. Some offer to soak the seeds in water at night, and then use the product. Others believe that it is better to fry them in a dry pan, so that the taste and smell are brighter. But it is worth noting that in the latter case, some useful elements disappear, which means that the benefits are reduced. Which option to choose, everyone decides for himself, depending on the purpose.
If we talk about the daily norm, then experts believe that no more than 1 tablespoon should be eaten per day. Otherwise, digestion problems will arise, and the entire therapeutic effect will be reduced only to unpleasant consequences.