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The benefits and harms of Vanilla

Vanillin is known to many people, especially those involved in baking, and cooking food. The product is presented in the form of white crystalline powder. These crystals were created by man, as natural vanillin was considered a very expensive product. And if we talk about the vanilla plant is a perennial Liana of the Orchid family. In nature we find more than a hundred varieties of vanilla. But uses only three classes. Once the plant was discovered in Mexico. Today these varieties are grown mainly in America, Mexico, Costa Rica, and so on. Leader in the export of vanilla is Madagascar.

In Europe the plant was in the early 1520. Although his cultivation is already practiced in America. And the Aztecs were pay this product a tribute. You can imagine the value of this plant. Today, many people can afford to buy the real vanilla. But often many people use the familiar white powder. The taste is not inferior to the present.

Vanillin is one of the most expensive spices in the world. And this is understandable, after all, what is the mere production of the spice. Dispute fruit occurs manually. Then they are soaked for fifteen to twenty seconds in hot water. Then placed in a different water for a month. After that spiciness a few weeks is drying. As a result, white patches appear. At this stage you receive that taste of vanilla.

The properties of vanillin

Powder vanillin do not contain useful items in contrast to plants. After all the crystals have been created for flavour. But the plant itself has a number of properties. The plant contains essential oils, glucomannan, as well as glucoside, tannic and mucous substances.

The use of vanillin

Vanilla is a very useful plant. It is used in many fields, but more on that below. And here consider those diseases in which it is useful to apply this plant:

Used in diseases of the nervous system.
For sleep disorders.
With frequent insomnia.
Helps to reduce pressure.
If you are allergic.
If you experience fever.
In sudden seizures.
Improves brain activity.
Normalizes the process of digestion.
Gives vivacity.
Restores power.
The use of vanillin

Vanillin used in cosmetics, using different procedures. Are a part of different creams and lotions. Also the widespread use of the vanillin found in the field of aromatherapy. Thanks to this procedure, you can significantly improve your health. Vanillin is widely used in the medical industry. But its most famous use is, of course, cooking. Thanks to the vanilla, we get such delicious cakes, biscuits, candies, chocolates and more. Probably no girl who did not use vanilla for homemade pastries. Taste really becomes bright and saturated. Natural vanilla is used for making various syrups and tinctures.

There is also vanilla sugar. It's kind of a mixture of sugar powder and natural vanilla. Most often this product is used for baking or decoration (sprinkles). Crystals of vanilla is often used as an additional ingredient when cooking a variety of confections, jams, and other sweet stocks for the winter.

Harm vanillin

Any harm to the use of vanillin is not possible. Unless a person has no hypersensitive to vanilla. This phenomenon of course occurs, but very rarely. In rare cases, an allergic reaction can develop into eczema. Vanilla, even if they wish not get to eat much, so can be called the product safe.