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The benefits and harms of Tamarind

Tamarind improves heart function, improves the condition of blood vessels, lowers blood cholesterol, prevents the development of stomach ulcers, is also used in the treatment of this disease. Tamarind has anti-inflammatory effect in different fevers, helps to restore the body after a stroke, after sunstroke.

Tamarind is widely distributed in folk medicine. It is used as antifungal and antibacterial agents. Ibuprofen combined with the tamarind has on the body effective impact. Tamarind is included in a special broth, which is recommended to rinse the throat with angina. If this fruit is consumed alongside alcohol, the alcohol weakens.

Tamarind improves digestion

Tamarind is used in order to normalize appetite, to improve the carding of the digestive system, reduce gas. With tamarind has long treated such conditions as constipation, diarrhea. Tamarind is a natural laxative, but today scientists can not explain the biochemical mechanism of this property.

If a person has severe constipation, then it is recommended at one time to eat 20-50 grams of tamarind. But it is worth remembering that you don't have this fruit to mix with any other laxative. Also tamarind neutralizes the effects of food poisoning, eliminates severe pain in the stomach, stops vomiting occurred.



Tamarind lowers cholesterol

From the outset, scientists have noticed that tamarind affects the reduction of cholesterol in the blood of poultry. Chickens were added to the food of prickly pears, after their regular use in chicken blood was observed a significant reduction in cholesterol. The same result of tamarind and on the human body. Among men, the experiment was conducted – people who took part in it, showed a decrease in blood pressure.

In addition, regular use of tamarind, in the body decreases the level of sugar, so diabetics need to look at this interesting fruit.

A very important property that has a tamarind – it normalizes the female sex hormones. Women all over the world use tamarind to treat various diseases, also in order to restore libido and to improve your body.

Very often digestive acids are damaging to the walls of the stomach and intestines. Begin to manifest diseases such as peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis and other diseases, bearing the inflammatory nature. If these States are constantly malnourished, to adhere to a strict diet, sit on the different diets, the situation can only get worse. In this case, their help will be able to provide tamarind. It slows down the production of gastric juice when it's needed, it also reduces the inflammation.