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The benefits of black pepper

What spices do you know? Surely, you remember the first black pepper. And it's easy to explain - the most famous black pepper spice East. What is the use of black pepper? In the tropics, India's growing evergreen vine (Piper nigrum L.). The dried unripe fruit of it - this is all well-known spice "black pepper". The best pepper - solid, dark and heavy. Pea black pepper stored for a long time. But pepper can be stored no longer than three months (lost flavor), so it is best to grind it yourself as often as necessary.

Besides culinary virtues, black pepper and has healing properties. The chemical composition of black pepper is still poorly understood. Burning taste of pepper defines glycoside piperine. It also found vitamins E, C, starch, essential oil.

For public authorities the benefits of black pepper is unquestionable?

Firstly, for the digestive system. Pepper helps the stomach digest food, as it promotes the release of hydrochloric acid. To enter, bowels, helps get rid of toxins and intestinal gas. It is antimicrobial, cleanses the body of worms.

Black pepper speeds up the absorption of nutrients from food and medicines. Piperine increases the penetration of amino acids through the intestinal wall into the blood by increasing the digestibility of food during its passage through the intestines. Ayurveda recommends two each year - three weeks after taking food at three peas black pepper a day to cleanse the digestive tract.

It will be interesting to dream of weight loss information that black pepper is destructive to the fat cells.

Secondly, for the cardiovascular system. It has long been known to use black pepper to reduce the risk of heart disease. Black pepper promotes blood dilution purifies the blood vessels, including the vessels of the brain. The load on the heart is reduced, and hence reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

Third, very good cleans the respiratory organs, reduces the formation of mucus and remove it. However, honey is used as an expectorant.

Pepper Antioxidants help prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases and liver diseases.

The ancients said that black pepper increases the stomach digesting properties, increases the energy of the nervous system, helps to strengthen the muscles.

As you can see, the benefits of black pepper large. Using cooking pepper, we are strengthening our health.