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The harms of Black pepper

Black pepper - a spice that has been around for a very long time. Use black pepper great about it, I told recently. But the harm of black pepper for the body, too, can not be discounted. The fact is that the unilateral application of the knowledge of black pepper could lead to use it in large quantities, and in this case, the damage to health is obvious for those who like to understand everything to the end, learning about all the known dimensions.

Black pepper - spice burning and, in any case, is an irritant to the gastric mucosa. Even perfectly healthy people may be discomfort in the digestive tract after consumption of spices.

The harm of black pepper for those who are sick ulcer or gastritis may even be critical. The fact that the use of pepper and subsequent irritation of the mucous of the stomach and digestive tract chances of bleeding, and the consequences of such a reaction is difficult to predict.

The harm of black pepper - this is a topic about which it is said very, very little, however, it is known that the flavoring in some cases, could have a negative impact on the reproductive system, that you will agree, is extremely unpleasant. The worst thing in this situation is that the reason it is sometimes difficult to find and very long as a person discovers that the culprit "problems" is just black pepper, it takes a long time, and the use of black pepper in the food continues. This, of course, can not but aggravate the already existing poor health.

 You must adhere to the rules to measures that would harm from eating black pepper minimized. You can not use this seasoning in excessive amounts. Talking about the benefits of black pepper and not to mention its negative properties in any case impossible. Since many people can do the wrong conclusions and come to the conclusion that the use of black pepper is absolutely safe and you can pour it into my pan in any quantity. Hopefully, all the same, most thoroughly examine the issue and decide for themselves whether or not to add black pepper in food.