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The benefits and harms of Bay leaf

Bay leaf is often used in cooking various dishes. This seasoning gives the finished dishes an unforgettable flavor and a pleasant taste. But few know that such a fragrant spice which can have a positive effect on the whole body. The benefits and harms of Bay leaf enclosed in its chemical composition, which is quite rich and diverse. The use of Bay leaf is broad and varied. And it is added to meat stews, and pickling for the winter, and hot soups. Any dish that contains the specified spice has a unique aroma and unforgettable taste flow. In ancient times Bay leaves were used fresh. In today's modern times, the spice has a number of beneficial qualities in the dried form, of course, if the spice was subject to proper handling and storage. With proper storage the Bay leaf is able not to lose the useful and medicinal qualities.


Useful properties of Bay leaf

Only due to its chemical composition sheet Laurel deserves praise. In the seasoning composition contains vitamin substances: vitamins A, PP, C, the entire sub-group of vitamin B. Rich in the Bay leaf and the content of mineral substances: selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, manganese, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus. If you judge calorie condiments, 100 grams. fresh product, there are about 313 calories. Seasoning Bay leaf medicinal properties and contraindications has the following character: it is Shown to take the seasoning in the period of activation of pathogenic infections and catarrhal phenomena. Volatile constituent of Laurel, perfectly opposed to the vigorous activity of pathogens and microbes. Reception Bay leaf increases appetite. Regular consumption of spices helps to normalize the digestive processes. In the Treasury of folk recipes, there are recipes based on Bay leaf, which save man from the swelling. Shown is the Bay leaf for weight loss. The extract of the plant possesses purifying qualities, which contribute to the effective release of the body of harmful components, chemicals and slagging. Bay leaf in diabetes mellitus indicated as concomitant treatment. Along with drug drugs recommended to include in the menu of the sick person the seasoning. It normalizes the level of sugar in blood and also promotes normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. People suffering from nervous disorders, it is necessary to include in the daily menu of hot dishes with the Bay leaf. Seasoning securely stabilizes the nervous system, acts as a sedative and normalizerbase tool. For the digestive system, inclusion in the menu of man Bay leaf is also helpful. Seasoning helps to normalize the digestive processes and copes with indigestion. Useful Bay leaf from acne. If you prepare the infusion on the basis of Bay leaf, the resulting effective and beneficial for the skin. Daily wiping the resulting composition will help to get rid of facial wrinkles, improve the complexion and give the skin radiance and healthy appearance. Cosmetologists Bay leaf is used to normalize the structure of the skin prone to increased dryness. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties dressing well relieves runny nose and nasal congestion. Laurel and helpful for excessive sweating. The bath-based decoction of Bay leaf contribute to the effective ridding foot odor, which manifests itself in excessive sweating. 

The broth is based on the Bay leaf helps to cleanse the blood vessels and give them flexibility. The recipe for the joints with the Bay leaf. Is prepared as follows: in 1, 5 glasses of pure water to brew 5 oz. Bay leaf. The resulting tool boil for 5 minutes. Thereafter, the resulting mixture was put under a warm blanket for a couple of hours (for steaming). The drug is consumed three times a day half a Cup. The course of treatment with decoction of Bay leaf is not more than 5 days. If the tool causes the side effects of treatment with decoction of Bay leaf must be abandoned. Bay leaf from allergies. Decoction of the plant is used in allergic reactions and young children. Simple recipe: one glass of pure water brewed a couple of leaves of Laurel. The resulting drug drink 1 tbsp. spoon three times per day. For children, this dose reduced in two times. Bay leaf if your period is delayed. Folk healers are often advised to drink a decoction on the basis of Laurel leaves women suffering from amenorrhea. A decoction of Bay leaf for the monthly activation provokes menstruation and contributes to its appearance. Folk healers assigned Lavra magical quality. It is considered that a decoction of spices helps to eliminate unwanted pregnancies, causing the appearance of miscarriage. When you use Bay leaf for abortion, prescription drugs are the following: in a glass of drinking water, zaparivat a couple of leaves of Laurel. The resulting tool women need to drink throughout the day. Comprehensive measures for abortion are squats and weight lifting. It is important to remember that such experiments are not always positive effect on the female body. Before you start self-medication, you need to get good advice and consultation of a qualified doctor.

Harm and contraindications

Even such a useful and pleasant plant such as Bay leaf, has a number of contraindications. The plant in unlimited amounts, can cause to human health serious damage. In some cases, however, Bay leaf is contraindicated? If a person suffers from pathologies of the cardiac system and liver, the condiment is recommended to use in very small quantities. If the human body has renal failure or impaired metabolism of proteins, the seasoning should completely eliminate from the diet. In some cases seasoning can cause allergic reactions, especially if the person has a predisposition to them. Pregnant women are not recommended to consume spices, even in small amounts, as it can activate the uterus to cause a miscarriage or uterine bleeding. People who are prone to constipation, you cannot include in the menu of Bay leaf. It is strictly prohibited dressing in the application in the presence of gastric ulcers.