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The benefits and harms of Flour soy

Soya is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world are grown people, besides rich plant protein, and it is this property of soy you can use it for human consumption in different diets, e.g. vegetarian diets, and the enrichment of the main dishes in the diet. Soya is widely used in Japanese or Chinese cuisine, but also has wide application in Central Russia.

For the first time the soybean started to grow in China, then the soybean migrated to Korea and Japan. And at the end of the XVII century the soybean was described by naturalist E. Camper in his writings when visiting the Eastern countries. In Europe soy was introduced in the mid-seventeenth century, when it had a huge popularity among the French.

Flour made from the fruit of soybeans, has a light aroma of walnut, contains a huge amount of protein and fat, and lecithin, a very important element for the full development of the person.

Properties of soy flour

To soy flour can be achieved by careful grinding of soya beans, which are roasted to give the beans a light nutty flavor. Soy flour contains a huge amount of beneficial enzymes that work well with yeast, so breads from this flour turn out fluffy and delicious, the color of bread is traditional. But add it to the dough with great care, not more than 5% of the total weight of flour. The addition of soy flour in dough allows the cakes to remain fresh longer, making the crust crispy and Golden.

Another important factor, which has soy flour, is the lack of gluten, which allows to use it in food for people with lactase insufficiency. Widely used for making baby food for infants.

The use of soy flour

The addition of soy flour to dishes can further enhance their nutritional value, protein content and mineral substances, and also soy flour is perfectly cleanses the body from "bad" cholesterol. Vitamin B4 is found in soybeans in large quantities has a good effect on metabolic process, enabling you to quickly and effectively reduce weight.

Soybeans and soy meal made from beans just a godsend for those who have intolerance to animal protein, food made using soy flour, will also benefit those who have diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as to supply people who had a heart attack. It is useful for human consumption soy flour and diabetics, and those suffering from overweight.

The use of soy flour

Soy flour in cooking not only for test preparation but also as a thickener for vegetarian sauces. Unfortunately, baking bread from one of soy flour absolutely impossible, as it does not contain any gluten or starch. And to act as one of the ingredients is quite capable. Despite the fact that soy flour has no starch, it has a high swelling preserving the original form of baking, without spreading in shape.

During the heat treatment of soy flour loses its most important qualities – substance isolectin, which is similar to the action of insulin-like growth factor. So of soy flour you can cook a lot of dishes, getting from it only a high content of protein. While the bean sprouts this hormone is perfectly preserved and assimilated by the body.

Harm soy flour

Despite the high content of vegetable protein and all the trace minerals soy flour has a number of contraindications, under which it is prohibited to consume. One of the most important contraindication is pregnancy, during which the use of soy flour in the fetus may develop pathology of the brain, premature birth and miscarriage, due to the fact that soy contains female hormones.

In addition, excessive consumption of soy flour and soy accelerates the aging process, threatens serious disorders in women of all ages, manifestations of Alzheimer's disease, can cause impaired immunity, reproductive and nervous system.