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The benefits and harms of Milk

Milk is obtained from animals product, developed Breasts. Milk is almost the first product, which in ancient times was mined people occurred after the domestication of animals. The food can be consumed goat milk, cow, camel, sheep, Buffalo, reindeer, donkey and milk the horses. The highest prevalence of the type of milk. In the market you can find several different forms of milk, each with a little different consistency and taste. Is milk: fresh, condensed, clarified, pasteurized, dried and sterilized.

Properties of milk

Milk is a unique product because it contains a storehouse of vitamins and essential substances. The main feature of milk is that some components can no longer be found in any other food product. This fact makes milk unique and beneficial. Milk composition can to some extent change. It depends on the breed of the animal, his health and his diet. The fat content of milk can also be different. It depends on the breed of the animal, and of its power and correctness of milking, and from the age of the animal, and even from the time of milking. In the composition of milk fat are more than twenty fatty acids, some of which are irreplaceable. In addition, milk contains quite a large amount of calcium, which is vital for human health. Milk is able to change its color, smell and taste. Often it depends not only on the power of the animal, but from storage of the product obtained.

The benefits of milk

Use milk known for a long time. With it, they nursed the emaciated sick and weak children. Many micronutrients contained in milk, have a positive impact on all the cells of the body, resulting in stronger hair, teeth, nails, improves skin condition. Milk is recognized as a great tool for diseases of the nervous system. If every morning to drink a glass of milk, it is possible to strengthen your psyche and eliminate unnecessary sleepiness that prevent concentrate and work. A regular consumption of a glass of milk at night will have a calming influence and prevent insomnia.

In many studies it was found that one glass of milk drink every day, strengthens cardiac function and prevents the development of stroke by 37 percent. Also milk can help you lose excess pounds, this is why this product is added to many modern diets. In addition proven that milk does a nice job in lowering gastric acidity, resulting in allows you to get rid of heartburn. Copes with milk and fight against colds. Warm milk mixed with honey, coupled with butter can warm the throat, thus alleviating coughing and improving expectoration. Migraine, too, can fight with the help of milk, enough to prepare a simple milk and egg cocktail, consisting of a boiling glass of milk and one egg.

The use of milk

Milk can be combined with many products, it is even possible to cook various soups and porridges. However, it is worth remembering that when cooking of cereals and soups, to some extent, reduced the use. Quite often milk is added to baked goods, smoothies, sauces and coffee. You can even drink tea with milk. These two products when interacting exclude all the negative consequences and stimulate mere useful properties. The use of milk is known not only in cooking but also in medicine and cosmetology. For example, milk helps cure breast. To do this, prepare a special milk-is fennelicious broth. Milk is an excellent bleaching agent that is why milk is often rubbed the facial skin. Fat milk is perfect for creating masks against wrinkles. Milk is able to remove from the skin inflammation and the various stimuli and will remove the existing peeling.

Harm of milk

Milk refers to the allergens, so the detection of allergic reactions is to completely abandon the consumption of dairy products. Milk may be contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to some components of milk. It is not recommended to drink milk to those people who have discovered the tendency of phosphate kidney stones. We must not forget that milk has a laxative effect, so in disorders of the intestine from it better to refuse. It is not necessary to drink milk and the presence of neoplastic diseases of the internal organs.