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The benefits and harms of Frog legs

Frog legs are considered an integral symbol of France, although for the first time to take their food invented by the British. Frog legs was present in the menu of the local population 9 thousand years ago, evidenced by archaeological excavations near Stonehenge. Frogs are present in the dishes of many cuisines. The legs of these animals became a delicacy in many countries of Europe and Asia, they are found also in the kitchen America and the Caribbean, although the most popular frogs acquired in French cuisine.

Are used for food not all frogs, just those that are grown in special conditions. The main exportation frog legs is Vietnam. It is in the lead in the cultivation of frogs. Frozen feet arrive on the shelves of almost all countries of the world.

Properties of frog legs

Frog legs are very low in calories, according to your taste reminiscent of chicken, they are soft, tender, pale pink, easy and quick to prepare. Because frogs live only in clean water, their meat is considered environmentally friendly, do not contain toxins and harmful substances.

Frogs produce special enzymes that effectively fight cancer cells, cancer tumors.

The frog meat contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals that improve the body and beneficial to human activity.

Use frog legs

Frog legs have anti-inflammatory effect, they are recommended to use in infectious diseases, as well as when are present in the body inflammatory processes.

The legs contains an analgesic substance that acts on the body is stronger than morphine, but does not harm and has no negative consequences.

Calcium, which contains a large number of the frogs, improves the condition of skin and bones. It strengthens nails, hair, restores their strength and Shine, prevents hair loss.

Frogs are beneficial to the human circulatory system, improving the condition of blood vessels and the heart. Potassium, in large quantities is part of the frog meat, makes blood vessels more elastic and strong.

The use of frog legs

The powder of frog legs used in the fight against callosity, toothache. It is an effective remedy for bleeding gums. It improves cardiac muscle function. Frog legs, suggest to use in case of arrhythmia, cramps of cardiac muscle, and problems with blood vessels and pressure.

The slime of frogs has antibacterial properties so it is used in pharmacology, in ancient times, frogs were placed in milk jugs, so it does not turn sour.

Frog legs are rich in protein and can be used in the diets. They can also be eaten after a serious illness, when the body needs recovery without heavy products.

In the meat of the frogs quite a lot of substances that are actively fighting various tumors. For this reason, the legs are used in the prevention of cancer and in the treatment of tumors.

Frog legs are widely used in the culinary arts. They are served as a separate dish, and garnish. Legs can be boiled, fried, steamed and even stuff. Add them to salads, soups, sprinkle with spices, marinated, and even canned.

Harm to frogs legs

Frog legs can cause allergies, are not recommended in food for people with individual intolerance to the product.

Dishes made from frogs are not edible species can cause acute poisoning, and in the presence in the body of a frog poison, and cause death.

You should not use the legs, people having problems with the digestive system, as well as any inflammatory processes in the body.