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The benefits and harms of Chanterelles

The chanterelles are common mushrooms, the color of which is bright yellow or pale yellow. Hat is characterized by a similarity with the inverted umbrella. The size of the cap reaches ten centimetres. Stipe smoothly into the hat. The average weight of a mushroom is about fifty grams. The feature of the chanterelle is that there are no worms.
The fungus grows mainly in coniferous, birch and mixed forests. Growing mushroom in the family or group. Where one is found, there is a need to look for a dozen.

Properties chanterelles

Fox has a lot of vitamins. The main ones are: vitamin A, PP and V. Amino acids and trace elements beneficial effect on the eyesight and cure “night blindness”. Chanterelles are recommended to use to prevent diseases associated with vision. Substances that have chanterelles have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the eye, contributing to its hydration and increasing resistance to various infections.
Due to the substance of haymanot, which is part of the fungus, it does not affect worms. This property makes it impossible to develop the eggs of the worms, destroying them. Hitimana has the property implementation in the mucous shell of the worms and have on their nerve endings blocking effect. In the process of this reaction the person does not feel any discomfort. Therefore, infusions of this mushroom to treat furunculosis of education, accompanied by boils. Properties chanterelles able to resist the Bacillus of tuberculosis.
These mushrooms have a very valuable property. They can resist radioactive substances unlike other types of fungi. They take a variety of radionuclides contained in the body.
The composition of chanterelles has valuable vitamin and mineral properties. It is a valuable product that delivers the right amount of protein for the body.

Use chanterelles

Chanterelles are considered one of those species of fungi that have the greatest number of useful properties. In the food industry as it is the third category, as it is not so well able to be absorbed by the body unlike the white mushroom. In order to possess all the useful qualities of the chanterelles needed in the process of preparing it to cut small pieces.

The use of chanterelles

Various drawing chanterelle in fungoterapii. They are also used in the treatment of liver diseases and hepatitis C.
Chanterelles are purchased by pharmaceutical companies for getting one is clean haymanot, and further used in the composition of many medicinal tinctures.
Chanterelles are very popular in cooking. There are many recipes for cooking these mushrooms, but the most delicious mushrooms are fried chanterelles. Can cooking, drying, pickling and salting chanterelles. Cooking chanterelles need at least twenty minutes.
Chanterelles found its application in cosmetology. Extract of mushrooms used in the production of cream, which is called a “Chanterelle”. It is crafted to reduce risk of developing fungus, and maintains the level of acid - alkaline balance to the skin surface, thereby hydrating and softening it. The cream also has melanin and carotene, which have toning and hydrating effect.

The dangers of foxes

There are facts about hypersensitive to the product and allergic reactions. It is not recommended to use these mushrooms to children, whose age does not exceed three years. It is strictly forbidden to pick mushrooms in the forbidden zone.
Recommended to be especially careful in the process of collecting mushrooms, as there are twins foxes, which have a very different taste and very unhealthy.