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The benefits and harms of Goose

The goose is a bird of the duck family. Geese are smart and cautious birds that are able to distinguish the shepherd from the hunter and also have in his flock guards. However, the captured birds can easily adapt to new conditions, respectively, they are easy to tame. These birds feed on various roots and sprouts of plants, their seeds.

The properties of goose

Goose — goose, is highly valued in the food supply. The high price of this meat (two times higher than in chicken) is due to the excellent taste. To eat meat, only good ones because its very easy to make soft. Meat old geese often so hard, that helps even pre-exposure to the marinade.

Buy that meat on the grocery market there and in large supermarkets as fresh and frozen. When you select should pay attention to the size — the bigger the goose, the more it has of the specific weight of muscles. Of course, a very important age of the goose, which is determined by the softness of the meat. The softer the meat, the younger the bird. Also pay attention to the skin, which should be free of feathers, and also have uniform color, be intact and dry. The fat from the goose can say a lot about the quality of this bird. Than it is more transparent, the better. Allowed and whitish. But the yellow fat is unacceptable.

Goose is quite high in calories and nutritious. If you compare the number of calories of raw and cooked meat, the difference is huge — in the first embodiment is about 160 kcal, the second — 450 kcal. Data per 100 g But most fat is, of course, grilled meat. In this kind of a calorie count over 600.

Use goose

This meat contains almost all b vitamins and also contain vitamins A and C. additionally, this meat is a lot of microelements and macroelements. Especially helpful is the meat to the person who leads a sedentary life. This is because the goose is very nutritious, but the fat, which, by the way, is up to 50% of the total weight of a bird consists of various useful fatty acids, predominantly linoleic acid.

The product also contains amino acids that affect the growth of other acids, such as glutamine. It helps to rid the body of breakdown products such as ammonia, etc.

The offal of the birds are also very useful, and they are easily digested by the body. Due to this property they are often a component of clinical nutrition, the advantage of the anemia, as they are a large number of mineral substances to stimulate circulatory system.

In folk medicine, is considered the goose meat, which helps the digestive system, which affects the elderly, weak people, having a characteristic symptom is the pallor. This meat used to be considered a very important product for the category of people that is exposed to high levels of stress. It was believed that she (goose) contributes to the production of bile, so useful for gallstones. And its property to remove toxins explains the use of meat poisoning when harmful metals.

The use of goose

Often the goose used in cooking. Its like to be stuffed with vegetables, berries or fruits, and cereals. Goose can be a component when cooking soup, add a salad or the production of canned food. Early goose was a common dish, it was prepared entirely in furnaces, today it is considered more festive meat.

Often meat give extra softness, pre-carcass it in the baking dish.

The liver of a goose is also very much appreciated for its usefulness. It has retinol, thiamine, Pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, Biotin and nicotinic acid.

Fat goose is used for medicinal purposes and in cosmetics. So, in folk medicine, it is popular with:

skin diseases — it could be psoriasis or eczema;
frostbite or burns;
tuberculosis and pneumonia;
shortness of breath;
back pain, diseases of the feet and thrombophlebitis;
prevention of diseases of the bronchi and lungs;
external use, to give tenderness and softness of the skin and whitening and healing damaged areas.
Harm to the goose

Meat, especially fried, not recommended for use by patients with obesity. Or it is necessary to minimize its calorie content, freed from all grease, and baked or boiled.

Goose contributes to the increase of cholesterol in the blood, which can adversely affect the health of the heart and blood vessels. In this regard, people who have problems with these bodies, there is a goose not. It is also worth to refuse him, and diabetics.

This product is difficult to digest, so in diseases of the stomach, pancreas and liver better to eat more meat.

It is not recommended to give children under 6 years. After this age, to teach for the goose should be starting with small quantities.