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The benefits and harms of Sea scallops

Scallops are a number of molluscs. They live in all the oceans of the earth. They are not bred in the home, but they are caught on an industrial scale, the French and the Chinese, since scallops are a delicacy. Fresh, the scallops are immediately processed and frozen for further use or transport.

Shellfish are unique animals, they clean the ocean, pumping through the water. Along with water, they absorb food – small inhabitants of the ocean. Mollusks leave behind shells, which are very fond of children, and can be found on almost any beach.

Properties of sea scallops

Scallops inhabit bivalve shells, which in form resemble a comb, hence the name. The clams remain in place, they move in the water flapping their shells to move forward. The taste of scallops are very tender, sweet, meat vaguely reminiscent of a crab. Very well clam meat with lemon juice.

Scallops contain a lot of useful substances, of which the majority consists of iodine, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper, and essential amino acids and fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 that are involved in the vital processes of the body.

Calcium, which is contained in the scallops is completely absorbed by the body, which doesn't happen often. Scallops are useful for small children, because their growing body needs most in building material for bones.

The scallop ranges from 2 to 20 centimeters in diameter. It is attached inside the shell by means of special feet, which are bissy. Coloration can be very different, black-and-white pattern makes shell unique. The body of a mollusk is coated with a special protective film – mantle. It performs a protective function. It is also a lot of eyes of the scallop, which allows him to see, though very close. In the structure of the scallop has a small tentacles which perform the function of touch. With their help, the mollusk recognizes foreign bodies that fall into the sink and divides them into edible and not.

Scallops are pretty hard to find raw. It's a very specific product to keep its properties caught shellfish frozen or salted. As such, the scallops packaged and sold. They need to thaw gradually at room temperature, putting them in cold water. To freeze the clams for the second time is not recommended.

The use of scallops

Scallops have a beneficial effect on the stomach, the pancreas, improve digestion.

Mollusks are useful for the thyroid gland because of the high content of iodine. Them useful to take in human thyroid.

Phosphorus and calcium strengthens bones, make teeth stronger, less brittle hair and nails.

Scallop of the sea establishes the heart, purifies the blood of cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels, promotes better supply of blood to the internal organs.

Scallops improve reproductive function, improve potency and libido, so it is very useful for men. Scallop – an effective natural aphrodisiac.

The use of scallops

Scallop meat is used in cooking for preparation of various seafood dishes.

Scallops establish the endocrine and nervous systems, improve mood, return vitality and strength.

Due to the high content of protein, clams are used in nutrition. They have no calories, therefore, be delivered into the body many nutrients it is not creating fat. Regular consumption of mollusks in food makes the figure slimmer and sleeker, contribute to a better functioning of the organism as a whole.

Shells are used as decoration, they make Souvenirs. Vacationers on the coast to collect seashells to commemorate the holiday.

Scallops are advised to eat to people suffering from rheumatism, gout, having problems with musculoskeletal system, strength of bone tissue.

Harm scallops

It is not recommended to use it people who are allergic to seafood. For this reason, the seafood should be excluded from the diet of pregnant women and nursing mothers.

You can't abuse the shellfish people with excess calcium, iodine or phosphorus in the body.

Scallops are very tender to the storage conditions and could easily deteriorate, with the consumption of contaminated product may poisoning and disruption of the digestive system.