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The benefits and harms of Beef

Beef meat of cattle. This meat is divided into three grades. Depending on the level of meat can be used when cooking various dishes. The higher the grade, the harder and better meals

Properties of beef

Beef is now one of the most common types of meat. The age of the animal, the food upon which it fed, the conditions, the presence of stress, extract of meat, and even sex of the animal affect the meat quality.

Quality meat should have a bright red color, fresh smell and a marble structure with visible fibers. Marbling should be soft and have a white/white-cream color. To cut meat easily without much effort. If the meat is old it will be dark red in color, with lots of films and fabric is soft.

Use beef

Among all lean types of meat beef deserves honorable first place. It contains very little fat compared to the rest of the meat. The calorie content also varies depending on the body part. On average, this number ranges from 150 to 500 calories, with less contains boiled meat.

The beef is a complete protein that fills the cells of the body with oxygen. By the way, is a protein that is exactly the meat body "likes" the most and assimilate better than others. It also contains more iron than other meat.

This meat has a lot of vitamins. These are the groups In (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12), vitamin K, Niacin and folic acid. It is useful microelements and macroelements. Plus, beef contains collagen and elastin.

It is considered a very important product in the diet of people (mostly men) who regularly go to the gym or have a job that is directly linked to physical exertion. For athletes beef will become an assistant in building muscle mass. It is very desirable to include in the diet for iron deficiency anemia because this meat has the right amount hemnogo iron. People who want to reduce their weight should not abandon the use of beef. Because of the very low fat content beef will not allow to gain extra pounds. It can be eaten during lent. Due to the low fat and calorie content, this meat is harmless for use even if the diabetes.

The use of beef

Fresh beef will be useful for people of all ages. Its like any other meat, can be cooked in different ways. It is very tasty in fried, boiled or stewed. Popular beef and pork, steak and kebab. Love this meat to add to various soups.

Beef is a component of the burgers and stuffed dumplings. In Russia, it is like meat stew with mushrooms, cereals, vegetables, and in the West it is soaked in red wine or marinades. Beef, in principle, goes well with red wines. This meat is often added a sweet and sour or Vice versa spicy sauce and served the beef along with potatoes, vegetables and rice.

The dangers of beef

Although this meat has excellent properties and useful qualities, it is not without contraindications. Some experts believe that if you eat beef in large quantities for many years, we can trigger the development of colon cancer. And if you eat a lot of fat beef, it can be may lead to cardiovascular diseases. Also, eating beef for a long period, you can earn the growth of plaques in the vessels, which, in turn, can lead to atherosclerosis or other cardiac and intestinal problems.

In the structure of beef are purine bases, which contribute to the accumulation of uric acid that often causes the development of osteochondrosis, urolithiasis or gout.

As already known, beef is a source of important immune system vitamins. However, entering these in the organism in large quantities may lead to the opposite effect — a decrease in immunity, making the body virtually defenseless to various diseases.

Accordingly, it is wise to eat beef too often and not in large quantities.

It is worth noting that old or Mature beef difficult to digest, so it cannot be used for children and the elderly.