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The benefits and harms of Bull testicles

Bull testicles are considered a real delicacy in many countries around the world. Of course, this fact may cause a lot of questions and complaints, but I guess many people know that delicacies are very often a strange combination or a very unexpected products. In the East, for example, bovine eggs are often decorated with the main dish ie pilaf. A delicacy is placed on the highest point of the dish, and give them important and dear guests. So do not just categorically refuse meals, remember the East is only expensive to people who can offer the best.

When buying seed, it is necessary to pay attention to the product. First, they should be pink with bright streaks. They must also be elastic, to do this is to touch them. But most probably, an important indicator of freshness of eggs is the lack of smell. If the purchase you find any smell or not the color, it is best to pass by.

Properties of bullish eggs

Oddly enough, but bull testicles are a number of useful properties. They contain choline, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, E,H and vitamin PP. Besides the useful and necessary of vitamins in this product contains important substances. (Magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, manganese and copper, sulfur, and iodine, fluorine, tin, cobalt, phosphorus). Here's a list of nutrients found in this dish.

The use of bovine eggs

About the use of bovine eggs, known since ancient times. After all, in its content of nutrients, the product surpasses many vegetables and fruits. In addition, the product contains fast utilizable protein. And as we know, protein is simply necessary for our body and cell growth. But mostly this product is very appreciated always men. Considering that they contain the hormones that prolong male potency. And this is only true when cooking all the beneficial properties are lost. In order to preserve male power, the product should be eaten in raw form. Prolonged use of marked beneficial effect on the organism as a whole.

The use of bovine eggs

Basically bull testicles used to give solemnity and greatness of the dishes. But, and this is a delicious and hearty meat delicacy which can be cooked not only on a holiday. The main thing correctly to choose a primary product, and to properly prepare it. Basically, first they are boiled for a few minutes after removing the thin film. And then fried, adding various spices and herbs. The dish can be independent or be served with a side dish. Can be cut into pieces and add to the soup. When the correct and proper preparation, they say, this dish has an amazing gentle and unique taste.

Some women use bull testicles as an ingredient to prepare the mask of wrinkles. Many have firsthand experience that the mask is "working".

Harm bovine eggs

Special visible and invisible reasons for the use of the unusual dishes there. The only thing that should be done before their use is thoroughly washed and given heat treatment. As they may be infected with parasites. To see, of course, they fail, but they are dangerous to humans. Therefore, like any other product, delicacy before serving, it is best to handle.

Also, do not use many product to those who decided to lose weight. One hundred grams of this product contains 250 calories.