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The benefits and harms of brynza

Cheese delicious and very useful product that is made from sheep's milk. The cheese is white, sometimes with a yellow tinge, has a solid crust. This product came quite by accident, it did not think and did not think. Approximately seven thousand years ago, the Arabian merchant went on a journey, taking the milk. In the way the milk turned and whipped in a ball, and the result is cheese. It was not only surprising, but was very edible. In many kitchens, this type of cheese is very popular and important component. For example, in Poland this kind of cheese is protected by law as a regional product.

Properties of cheese

Cheese in moderation salena product has a substantially straight edge, white colour, does not crumble. If the cheese has a crust or is it too soft, hard, it is better not to use the product. As it may already spoiled. Cheese contains a huge amount of calcium. In the manufacture of

the product does not use of heat, with the result that, cheese contains a lot of vitamins and useful elements. And as we know, dairy products are a very useful composition. These include such vitamins as C, E, B1, B2. And minerals: calcium, potassium, fluorine.

Use cheese

Cheese is a very tasty and healthy product which is recommended to drink for both adults and children. Owing to its ingredients, cheese is an excellent effect on the digestive system. And also strengthens the teeth, bones, and prevents hair loss. With regular use of the product, you will notice the improvement of your skin. And it's enough to eat only fifty - one hundred grams of product a day.

The use of cheese

The main and most common use of cheese purchased used in cooking. Today cheese has become actively appears on the shelves of our stores. Although in the East, this product is popular since ancient times. Cheese can be eaten just like that, for example, a few grams at Breakfast with tea, or for dinner. Many uses cheese as one of the ingredients in salads. So the dish has an interesting slightly salty taste. And in addition to the taste of the pros, salad beneficially affects the organism as a whole. Dishes that use cheese can be called healthy food. Cheese is also used for fillings in pies, muffins. Or as a Supplement to main dishes. In Bulgaria, for example, cheese wrapped in foil, pre-lubricated with oil or different spices. The food is surprisingly tasty.

Before buying the product you should consider some points. For example, a good cheese should be Packed in a container, in which a saline solution. If the cheese is to be without brine, the shelf life of the product is much smaller. In this case, the period will be only thirty days. In brine product may be stored for forty days more.

For people who cheese may seem too salty, recommend it for a few seconds to lower in hot water, or Vice versa, within a few minutes of soaking in cold water. This will soften the flavour, and salt will not be so clearly felt in the use of cheese. But even as an option, you can just mix the cheese with other ingredients.

The dangers of cheese

It would seem that the cheese carries only healthy and natural components, resulting from the product should be only benefit. But, alas. For some people the product can be very harmful. This category includes people suffering from kidney disease. Cheese contains salt, which in turn may affect the functioning of kidneys and also the stomach and pancreas. Sodium in cheese is almost sixteen hundred milligrams. So before drinking, it is best to do some testing and eat a small amount of product. The product should be taken with caution in people with liver disease of varying severity and people with problems of the biliary tract.