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The benefits and harms of Basturma

Basturma is called fillet of beef, which has passed the procedure of drying. Originally this dish was prepared by the tribes of Osman, from which it spread in the rest of the world. This method of cooking meat helped to preserve its freshness for a long time, which was especially important during military campaigns as a caterer. It is also believed that capers were used for merchants who went on a long journey, fresh meat was spoiled already just on day 3. Applying for beef salting and drying, it was possible to not only preserve all its valuable qualities, but also give unusual taste, and sell the meat.

Today basturma is a festive dish but it can be cooked in everyday life, if time allows.

Properties of basturma

This tenderloin is exquisite, but at the same time delicate taste, and rich aroma. To prepare the pastrami for a long time, so as a casual meals it is not suitable. The finished dish can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months.

Depending on what parts of the beef were used for cooking, capers can be different useful. But in any case it is not dietary product and may contain from 220 to 240 calories.

Since the pastrami is delicious, it can be found on restaurant menus and in retail shops. However, there is possible bad her cooking. Gives incorrectly cooked fillet color. If it's bright red, it is likely that there are artificial dyes or additives.

The use of basturma

As in the preparation of this dish exclusively uses low temperature, all useful properties of meat are preserved. First is vitamins of groups A, b, C and PP, as well as sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.


Consumption of beef is suitable for anemia, accompanying iron deficiency. Useful qualities of beef are great in fighting fatigue of the body. The shortage of animal proteins and fats basturma can fill the required level. Will fit it and athletes who want to build muscle — the pastrami is and animal protein, and high in calories that should be consumed to achieve this goal.

Used in the preparation of spices such as garlic, cumin or hot pepper, has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antitumor, as well as stimulating qualities.

Due to the different cooking options basturma, meat can do diet food using less calorie portion of beef — ham.

The use of basturma

The best way to cook the pastrami from the pulp or dorsal aspect of the carcase. It is cut into several pieces, each of which must be no thicker than 6 cm and Then everything would fit in a large dish and sprinkle with salt on both sides. Make sure that the salt was distributed evenly across the surface. After that the dishes must be covered with fabric from dust, dirt or insects, and leave for two days. At the end of this time all the pieces need to flip the other side up and close it again and leave for two days. After the meat is washed with cold water to get rid of excess salt remaining on the surface. Then the meat can be left to dry or carefully dry and wet wipes. The next thing to do is to wrap the meat tightly with gauze on top and put a heavy object weighing from 10 kg. to Keep the meat under something you need for 5 hours, then it is recommended to change the gauze on the new and again to deliver the goods on the meat. After a period the meat is removed and suspended in a dark place for half a day for drying.

When the drying period will come to an end, the meat you can get and soak the pre-cooked spicy coating. The aging period is 3-4 days. To do the procedure of impregnation need one or two more times, and then leave the cutting in the shade for a week or a week and a half. The result should be inside the meat dry, devoid of moisture.

Spice can be prepared independently of the desired ingredients.

The dangers of pastrami

The standard cooking pastrami she has a lot of calories, so people who are watching their weight are advised to eat no more than 100g a day.

Not recommended to use this cut in large quantities for gastritis, liver disease, stomach ulcer and gall bladder.

Beef contributes to the accumulation of uric acid, which ultimately may lead to osteoarthritis and gout. Therefore it is better to minimize the intake of medicines for pain in the joint.

Due to the large amount of salt in the meat it is not recommended its use in hypertension, oedema and kidney disease.

Also in minimal quantities it is possible to eat this jerky for children up to 12 years.