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The benefits and harms of konin

Horse meat is one of the most clean, lean, nutritious and healthy meat products. Horse meat has a very specific smell and herbal taste. Recommended to eat horses not older than three years of age. But the most useful and tasty meat at a young ten month old stallion. Horse from the young horse is different colour of the fat. Stallions have a fat pink or white, and Koni yellow.

Properties of horse meat

Horse meat has dietary properties that make it quite easy, the process of assimilation in the human body. One hundred grams of horse meat contains one hundred and sixty-seven calories and zero carbohydrates. It contains more protein compared to meat of other animals whose meat is eaten. There are also a number of nutrients and vitamins. This is the percentage of sodium, potassium, iron, amino acids, phosphorus, copper, thiamin and many others. Horse has another valuable feature: it is composed of a substance capable of neutralizing effects of radiation. Horse fat is able to withdraw the bile from the body, therefore due to its properties, horse meat is recommended when the disease jaundice. Horse fat has a good effect on the liver.

The use of horse meat

Horse meat is a very low content of allergenic amino acids and a variety of heavy compounds, so it is useful to use for people suffering from allergies.

Low fat allows you to eat horse meat in the diet. The large water content in the meat allows food to be digested faster by the body. Even beef is incomparable horse. The composition of horse fat is more similar to the composition of vegetable oils, so it is very small percentage of cholesterol and is very well established choleretic effect. Eating horse meat, the body receives a high-quality protein and nutrients normalize the metabolic processes in the body. It is also proved that horse meat improves potency.

Horse fat is widely used in cosmetics for face masks.

In case of frostbite or burn the horse's fat to smear on the affected part of the body. It has a calming effect on the skin and relieves pain.

The use of horse meat

Products of raw materials that get in the slaughter horses are quite valuable objects in the field of medicine. It is often used in dietary therapy, atherosclerosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, obesity and disturbed metabolism. Antilimfocitarnyi serum is required during the transplantation of internal organs and tissues, is produced from horse meat. The gastric juice of the horse has also found its application in medicine and Jeremie mares have gonadotropin, which stimulates the maturation of the female egg.

Increased protein, taste and smell, great morphological composition and dietetic value, low-cost production and minimal cost are the reasons for the high percentage of popularity among the population.

Horse meat is a hypoallergenic product. It contains large amounts of vitamins b and E groups. Therefore, due to this particular horse is able to improve blood circulation for those who constantly uses. Patients with anemia, it is recommended to include in your permanent diet.

The dangers of horse meat

Despite all the positive qualities of horse meat, she is not as popular as pork or veal. This can be explained by the fact that it is relatively low carb (only one percent). So the meat of the horse very quickly breed all sorts of bacteria, this shelf is considerably reduced. It is not profitable to entrepreneurs. In the meat of the horse it is often possible to detect Salmonella, which is one of the most dangerous parasites of the human body.

When the non-compliance of certain conditions of storage and processing horse meat is quite dangerous for human consumption.