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The benefits and harms of Cranberry sauce

This special dressing with a pleasant slightly sour taste. She made fresh cranberry berries. Thanks to this product, the taste of the dishes is bright and very special solemn.

It is well known that cranberries are very valuable and truly useful. In Russia it is held in high esteem since ancient times. Our ancestors definitely included in your daily diet fruit drinks and juices from the cranberries and the sauces.

This dressing is widely used in the cuisine of different countries, especially America and England. So for Thanksgiving this sauce definitely served a delicious Turkey. This is why this product is associated by Americans with the holiday.

There are different options of how you can prepare this sauce. To do this, there is no need to exert a lot of effort. This whole process is very easy and takes very little time. There are different versions of cooking sauces of cranberry. If you want the dressing is thick, then it is boiled or simply add natural thickeners such as starch or flour. Additives such as pepper, salt or sugar, will give the desired shade to the taste of the sauce. Choice of supplements depends on what dish will be served this dressing (sweet, meat or fish). It can be used in cold and in heat. If necessary, the product is kept for 14 days in the refrigerator.

Properties cranberry sauce

The properties of the sauce are determined by the properties of the cranberry used for its preparation. Especially appreciated this berry in the North, where people use its medicinal properties.

Cranberry sauce helps to make the meals festive. It's fed to poultry, and fish, and meat. Best of all, this sauce goes well with pork and lamb (it is bold)


Use cranberry sauce

Use cranberry sauce is due to the berry from which it is prepared. Nutritionists say that cranberries has a lot of valuable properties. It contains potassium, which helps to correct the work of the heart and kidneys. If you regularly eat cranberries and products made from it, it will help to strengthen the immune system.

Cranberry, and consequently sauce it is an excellent appetite stimulant and helps the whole food well assimilated.

This product stimulates the process of digestion, the intestines work better and the heartburn is reduced.

It is recommended that cranberry sauce and obesity, as it improves the metabolic processes in the body.

Well there is this product in order to increase the immunity and prevent the development of beriberi.

The use of cranberry sauce

Used the cranberry sauce as filling for sweet dishes and for meat. In some countries, it is the perfect complement to a variety of cheese dishes and tasty pastries. The Internet has plenty of recipes of cooking. It is important that you get the benefits of cranberry preserving. Especially if the product is not uvarivaetsja, and apply natural thickeners.

Through the use of this sauce, the dishes become truly festive. Served this dressing not only to different types of meat, but also for sweet dishes, as well as all sorts of pies, plain bread. You can even just add this sauce to hot water or tea.

Harm cranberry sauce

This sauce is in any case not recommended to use those people who are contraindicated the use of cranberries.

You can not have this product to those who have acute inflammatory disease of the liver, intestines and stomach, as well as those who have become aggravated stomach ulcers.

If a person takes sulfa drugs, that is, cranberries and foods containing it, it is strictly prohibited.