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The benefits and harms of catsup

Modern ketchup is a thick sauce based on tomatoes, spices, salt and vinegar. Interestingly, in the original ketchup did not include tomatoes, because the progenitor of the sauce came from Southeast Asia, presumably China, and as a base had fermented fish. This type of sauces and nowadays is widely used in Asian countries.

The ketchup has undergone significant changes, becoming popular in the United States. The first known recipes for sauce based on tomatoes appeared in America in the early X century. Observed an obvious influence of Mexican culinary traditions, influenced by which in ketchup appeared not only tomatoes, but sweet and hot peppers, spices and hot seasonings. The peak of the popularity of ketchup reached thanks to the American industrialist Heinz created ketchup on a base of tomato paste, received by evaporation in a vacuum. This paste will not easily spoil and gives the sauce the right thickness and consistency. Ketchup this manufacturer is available until now and still is popular.

Properties of ketchup

This sauce is suitable to a large number of dishes, including porridges, side dishes of potatoes, fried, boiled and baked meats, kebabs and kebabs, chicken and other fowl. In addition to using ketchup as the sauce, you can add it to various sauces, added to soups, for example, Ukrainian or Georgian soup kharcho, pickle the meat in it and chicken, to use for pizzas and other savory pastries. As part of marinades ketchup works as a softener of hard meat, because the tomato contains acid, make fibers tender and juicy. Having come from America, ketchup became a constant sauce for hot dogs and fried potatoes.

Use ketchup

Sauce based on tomatoes and other vegetables contains a large number of very useful substances — lycopene. This antioxidant reduces symptoms of atherosclerosis, protects cell structures and DNA, it is believed that lycopene is able to reduce the possibility of cancer. In addition, as a powerful antioxidant it slows down the overall aging and wear of the nervous system, therefore, retains his youth and beauty. In addition to lycopene, in a properly prepared ketchup contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals.

The ketchup

Ketchup is used directly as a ready-made sauce in other dishes. It gives food zest and acidity, softening and highlighting the taste of roasted meat, potatoes and shading complementing pizza. Harmonizes with all types of meat and most vegetables, and is also part of some dishes as the first and the second and snacks. In borscht, kharcho, braised cabbage and meatballs, replace the tomato paste has a richer flavor and complex diverse composition.

The dangers of ketchup

In the finished ketchup can contain a lot of preservatives and starch, fragrances and dyes. All this, of course, does not benefit the body. In addition, the industrial production often increases the time of heat treatment, and it destroys vitamins, lycopene and other substances. Significant use of this sauce will bring, so homemade ketchup is more useful than store bought.

People with high acidity, peptic ulcer, colitis, heartburn and other problems with the digestive system ketchup is contraindicated, because it contains acid irritating the stomach, intestines and other internal organs. You shouldn't use this sauce, and people who are allergic to red vegetables, as well as children, pregnant and lactating women.