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The benefits and harms of Chicken

Chickens first appeared in tsarist Russia. Roosters featured a bright red comb, the earrings on the sides of the head both sides the same color, gold or red with different hues, the plumage of breast and neck and the plaits of green color on the back. The chicken was with a small comb and scant feathers.

Chickens live on the ground as their ancient ancestors. Basically the whole day they spend on the feet, and therefore have their particular structure. With them they are able to escape from danger quickly enough. Them, they may have the power to break the soil to get the worms, sprouting seeds and larvae, when food on land is not enough. They are able to dig a small pit, to remove them from pests, trapped in the plumage.

Nowadays chickens are grown in special farms for meat, eggs or absopositively.

To cook really delicious tender chicken, you need to choose it properly in the store or on the market. First you need to sniff the packaging from the chicken, if you will hear even the faint smell rancid, it is not necessary to buy such meat, they can be poisoned. To determine the freshness of poultry is possible and just by looking at her, so you should try to buy them in clear plastic bags. You should make sure that she has no yellow or green spots, and visible mechanical damage. Her muscles must be developed, and the breast rounded, without visible protrusions. You should pay attention to the skin, it should have a pinkish hue.

Properties chicken

Poultry is rich in vitamins B1, A and B2, and linoleic acid that boosts the immune system, proteins, glutamine can help stimulate the nervous system and strengthen the body. It has vitamin B6, which cares about the condition of the heart, Niacin is a means to restore nerve cells, and regulation of cholesterol and gastric juice secretion.

The use of chicken meat and eggs

In Korea, chicken has long been considered one of the most useful products. They say that it is an excellent tool for the prevention of senile diseases. Most likely, this is because chicken is one of the most lean meats that allows the body to absorb it quickly enough.

Eggs contain a lot of protein, which is rich in minerals, carbohydrates, many vitamins and amino acids. It is nutritious and helps to protect the body from harmful infections. Lysozyme, which is also contained in it, kills decay-causing bacteria and microorganisms. But with long storage of eggs, the beneficial properties are lost and the protein consumption is dangerous.

In the chicken egg, 12 vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron and cobalt. It consists of shell, albumen and yolk. Such components are very useful for the human body.

The use of chicken meat

Usually chicken meat used in food. It is possible to prepare soups, main dishes and even desserts. Chicken eggs are also very sought after due to its undeniable benefits for the body. The people in the villages in their gardens even using chicken manure as fertilizer.

Harm of chicken meat

Chicken meat is possible Allergy.

It can also be Salmonella, which cause a rather unpleasant disease – salmonellosis.

If you eat poultry without sufficient heat treatment, it is possible to get poisoned.

Do not eat often purchase chicken, because it can be treated with chlorine, Packed with antibiotics and various injections that have a negative impact on the body.

Don't need to eat meat to people who suffer from protein intolerance.

Smoked or heavily roasted chicken contains large amounts of cholesterol, so you should eat it as seldom as possible.