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The benefits and harms of Turkey

Turkey is the largest of all the birds that managed to tame the man. Belongs to the pheasant family. The homeland of these birds are the United States of America. Since ancient times people have used Turkey meat, because it was able to tame before anyone else. After some time the bird was transported to European countries. The female's weight is from five to eleven pounds, and males from nine to thirty-five kilograms. The plumage of this bird may be a variety of colors, starting with white and ending with black. The specific color depends on the breed and varieties.

Properties Turkey

The most popular breeds that bring in Russia:

the North Caucasus white and bronze;
white chested and Moscow;
black coach;

Food is mainly young meat, when the weight of the birds reaches ten pounds. The meat of this bird is appreciated in nutrition and cooking, and it makes the Turkey a little less popular than broiler chickens.

The meat is low in fat, very tender, has a predominantly pinkish color. Depending on the body color can vary from white to light red.

Use Turkey

Breast fillets though, and becomes drier after cooking, still the most useful; it is highly recommended by nutritionists, as it has the least fat.

Among the different varieties of meat Turkey is almost a leader. It contains iron, magnesium, protein, selenium, sodium, phosphorus and vitamins b, PP. The number of necessary substances, it is superior to veal. No wonder she is the leader of the iron content, which is also easier to digest. Man enough to eat a normal portion of meat to fill the daily requirement for vitamin PP. This meat is also suitable for baby food.

It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and helps strengthen the immune system. The caloric content of meat in the normal range — 194 calories. Cholesterol in it and less — 74 mg.

This meat is almost indispensable for the preparation of diets that help to lose weight. However, it is equally useful in heavy or intense physical exertion. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, the Turkey is also quite useful. This is what meat you can make the primary children's foods.

Turkey is going to be useful if there are psychological disorders, e.g. depression or stress.

The application of Turkey

To cook this meat can be all of the same ways as other types. Cooking involves stewing, baking, boiling, roasting, frying, steaming and cooking this meat on the grill. Due to the natural tenderness of the meat for a long time to process the Turkey is not required.

It goes well with sauces and salads, and the chest part is used for stuffing fruit, mushrooms and vegetables. In the United States even have a national Christmas dish of stuffed Turkey.

The most useful of all methods of cooking is boiling or steaming. The only way the meat retains almost all of its useful properties, and the body will be as easy this food to digest.

Recipes Turkey a great deal, ranging from the simple dishes to complex and festive.

When you diet the meat should be supplemented with vegetables and tastier, and healthier, and faster comes saturation. It meets the requirements of proper nutrition helps to maintain health and ideal weight.

Harm Turkey

This is the meat you can eat almost everything that is one of the advantages of Turkey. However, not all is so rosy: because of their high protein content, and sodium in this meat should be careful people who have diseases such as hypertension, renal failure and gout. By the way, hypertension meat during cooking is recommended to add salt in smaller quantities.