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The benefits and harms of Flying fish roe

Flying fish — fish squad ORGANOARSENIC. There are 52 species of these fish, which are distributed in 8 genera. As it is clear by name these fish, they can fly, but, of course, not as birds do. In the chest they are fins, through which the fish can emerge from the water and fly a short distance through the air. Flight speed equals the average speed of car is 60 km/h. all in All, the fish can fly up to a mile continuously.

Flying fish ROE is popular. It is called tobiko.

Properties of caviar of flying fish

If other species are common in many countries, the eggs used mainly for preparing land and rolls as well as salads. The first or main dishes tobiko is used primarily as decoration. It can be several colors: yellow, orange, green or black, but her natural color and one is light orange. Others get by staining of the product but this uses natural dyes. For example, to get green, used wasabi, bright orange — ginger, black — a mixture of sea cuttlefish ink and orange caviar.

The taste of this caviar is different from other species, and the smell of it is also slightly different. Tobiko is more dry, and also has a crunch on the teeth. The flying fish ROE in Japan have been used for over five centuries, and since then this process craftsmen were honed to perfection. It is therefore considered that the best flying fish ROE — tobiko Japanese. Thus it is better to use canned food because it is ready to drink. Implemented and frozen eggs, but first it has to be treated in a special marinade. The chemical composition of the calf causes its beneficial properties.

Use the caviar of flying fish


With all of the eggs in it is 1/3 protein, making this product a dietary. In addition, this caviar only 72 calories (per 100 g) that allows you to eat the deliciousness without harm to the figures. It is gratifying that this protein is digested better than protein found in meat or dairy products. In flying fish ROE contains vitamins a, C and D, which help fight various diseases and strengthen the immune system.

The use of this caviar is relevant for therapeutic purposes. It will be very helpful when exhaustion or anemia. Tobiko is especially useful for pregnant women, the elderly and children. Regular consumption of caviar will help to maintain the necessary amount of nutrients at the level of people whose activity is connected with constant physical training and athletes.

Use the caviar of flying fish

Tobiko is prepared according to original recipe of Japanese chefs who previously kept it in a special sauce. This gives the caviar a specific taste. In this regard, to cook the eggs yourself, but to get that special taste will not work. It is believed that this caviar is on the fan, so like it maybe not for everyone. The Japanese are true fans of this product and add it to various dishes and eaten as a separate snack.

In fact, the scope of this caviar is no different from using any other calf. It can be added to salads, spread on sandwiches, but it can be used as decoration because the color variations are quite interesting.

The dangers of caviar of flying fish

Caviar has a idiosyncrasy. You can't eat tobiko, if you have an allergic reaction to fish or seafood.

There is also a chance to run into a fake, but instead, flying fish ROE, capelin ROE, low-quality processed. It is important to remember that caviar costs a lot of money, and the manufacturer or restaurant, where you can find tobiko, needs to be checked.