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The benefits and harms of Caviar

Caviar is the eggs of female fish. Unfertilized mass of people consume. It can be raw or cooked. Among all the types of caviar are the most popular red caviar — it has an excellent taste due to which it is used in the preparation of holiday meals.

Properties of caviar

This product has long been considered a delicacy, and although it is now commercially available, the daily dish, the caviar, not name. Interestingly, in ancient times, caviar was considered a great food for dogs because of its nutritional value. Subsequently, the Japanese decided to try out caviar for human consumption, where it took the example of the Russians.

And though the caviar sold today in many more smaller shops, it costs a lot, and not always has the quality that deserves their money. ROE of good quality is just a storehouse of nutrients.

Red caviar is produced from fish of the salmon family; depending on the fish size and the taste of the eggs may be different. You'll find most salmon caviar is the most universal type that individuals acquire most often. Another popular activity is trout caviar. In size it is smaller than the other types. Sockeye caviar is considered difficult because the fish lately have begun to destroy. Chum salmon caviar has a distinctive taste, due to which her revered, not all, however, she previously had a status of "Royal".

The benefits of caviar

Since caviar is the first egg, it has everything that is important for the development of the embryo. It is because of this factor it has long been considered a useful product, even before the appearance of different pills.

Red caviar has a lot of vitamins and necessary substances. Among them, vitamins A, E, D, omega 3, iodine, protein, folic acid, calcium and phosphorus. In the calf quite a lot of protein — more than 1/3, and they absorbed quite easily.

It is recommended to use for prevention of such diseases as atherosclerosis, as well as for General immune support. Regular use strengthens the bones and improves vision. It also helps increase blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease.

The eating of caviar helps to restore strength, to bring the body in tone and also increases the level of hemoglobin.

The use of caviar

Often caviar is a separate appetizer and is served in isolation on a platter or cornice. The most popular are the sandwiches with caviar; usually, this simple snack of bread, butter and caviar, placed on the top. Popular and salads with the addition of this product, such as fish salad with rice. Caviar compatible with all seafood, why in the preparation of these salads remains to give vent to their desires and fantasies.

It is used as toppings for pancakes or eggs. It also use for making unusual combinations, for example, Farshire caviar peaches.

The rolls, sushi and other Japanese cuisine caviar can be found quite often.

Harm to the calf

And although the admirers of this delicacy quite a lot, it is not necessary to forget about some of the factors that can spoil the use of this product with their own consequences.

It is important to observe the amount of consumed eggs. One-time should eat no more than 2-3 sandwiches (5 tsp.) of caviar. All your favorite sandwiches with butter, especially white bread, are quite difficult for the body with food, not to mention its calorie — only 100 grams of caviar contains 250 kcal. Caviar contains salt, which can cause the stagnation of water in the body and metabolic disorders.

It is very important to choose high-quality caviar. All the rules from the moment the eggs are removed from the fish, until she gets on the counter, eggs must undergo a very long procedure. But the poachers are no conditions for processing do not have, so processing occurs illegally and in conditions of poor sanitation, in connection with which the buyer ran into a fake, you may experience health problems of varying severity. In this case, it is preferable to use an expensive caviar from reliable and renowned companies.