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The benefits and harms of Sugar substitute

Sugar substitutes are substances that can be used instead of sugar in its natural form. The fact that many people nowadays suffer from diabetes, in which sugar intake is strictly contraindicated, but the substitutes here would be most welcome. And the person who is trying to watch her figure, too often tries to give up natural sugar.

Properties of sugar substitute

First, let's say that there are two types of sweeteners: natural and artificial. Natural sugar substitutes are the most good option. Many of them are not much different in caloric value from natural sugar, but its characteristics are considered more useful. But synthetic alternatives are different, on the contrary, low-calorie, but they have side effect – they increase appetite. The fact is that these substances are sweet, and the body feeling the taste starts to wait, when will begin the intake of carbohydrates. But carbohydrates do not from where, therefore, man is always haunted by the feeling of hunger.

Use sugar substitute

Start speaking about the benefits possible with such a sweetener like fructose. It is a component in its properties it is much sweeter than regular sugar, which means it can be used not so much. This substance may be consumed, affected people.

Sorbitol is another sweetener of natural origin. It is mainly found in berries and apricots. Use it is that it can also be used by diabetics, but for those who are on a diet, he will not go. The fact is that compared to regular sugar it is three times less sweet, but on the degree of caloric perhaps even more. Sorbitol has a very good quality: it stimulates the stomach and promotes the normalization of metabolism in the body.

The sugar substitute xylitol also may eat in diabetes, but calorie it is equal to the caloric value of regular sugar. The use of this component increases the rate of metabolism and can improve the condition of the teeth.

Saccharin is a well-digested and can be used during weight loss. It's not as sweet as sugar and has no calories. Also, there is another similar properties sweetener – cyclamate. It can well dissolve in liquids – tea, coffee. Also, such a component as aspartame is very low in calories.

Acesulfame potassium – a substitute that contains no calories and can very quickly excreted from the body. It can be use for people who are prone to allergies, so it usually doesn't cause any reactions.

Stevia – a natural sweetener which grows in America. It comes in many forms, but is most often found in powder form. This substitute is not very sweet, not as high in calories as sugar and is inexpensive.

The dangers of artificial sweeteners

Again, questions about the dangers of substitutes is to start with fructose. The fact that excessive consumption of this component can adversely affect the heart. In addition, fructose promotes the accumulation of fat.

Sorbitol as well as fructose may adversely affect weight and cause problems with the digestive tract. Safe dose of approximately 40 Gy. Xylitol can also cause gastrointestinal tract.

The effects of saccharin on the stomach at all is very doubtful, as in many countries, it is considered that it is very harmful, so it is forbidden to use. Furthermore some substances contained in these substitutes can cause chronic diseases. In this regard, saccharin is better not to use, and if used, it is extremely rare.

Sodium cyclamate is contraindicated in people who suffer from kidney failure. In addition pregnant women also should not use this substance. In the US or the EU this substance is hard enough to find, but in Russia cyclamate demand because of its cheapness.

Aspartame is not very good responds to the change of temperature. In addition people with diseases such as phenylketonuria, taking this drug can cause even greater harm to their health.

Acesulfame potassium affects the heart due to high content of methyl ester. In addition, young mothers and pregnant women should not use this substitute since it can disrupt the nervous system.

Socratic contains a component that is toxic to the human body, but drinking it is not removed. However, it is better not to use it to not be at risk.