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The benefits and harms of Hare

The hare at all times been, though small, but game. The meat of this animal similar to rabbit meat, but it has a lower fat content, additionally it is tougher and more aromatic. Also the carcasses of birds darker and more rabbit. The taste of the meat will depend on many factors, namely the age of the animal, its species, method of extraction and storage conditions.

Properties hare

As mentioned above, hare hard enough. In addition, meat has a specific taste. As for the fat included in the hare, it is almost there. It should be noted that in this meat is very high in protein, which is almost completely absorbed by the human body.

If we talk about the composition of meat, we can say that it has gathered a lot of macro - and microelements, vitamins. Cholesterol, which is so harmful for the man, it is almost there, but there is a significant amount of lecithin.

100 grams of rabbit meat contains about 13 grams of protein, 12 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates. The older the animal the more fat and protein, but water less and less.

About calorie rabbit meat is very "easy". When compared according to this indicator, with pork, in which 389 calories per 100 gr, hare do is surprisingly low in calories, since it only has 124 calories.

The calories in rabbit meat is also more than the hare. This can be explained by the fact that hares live in the wild, they often have the opportunity to move, to run, to experience stress that affects the development of muscle mass in these animals, therefore, reducing fat in meat. With the age of the animal, the energy value of the meat also increases.

Use hare

Hare characterized good gastronomic properties. It is not only that the meat is very tasty, but that it is useful and may have a therapeutic effect on the body. That's why the hare is prized in cooking, in medicine and in cosmetology.

Very good to eat this meat as a diet food and to feed their children. For the child's body it is useful in that it promotes proper growth, to the strengthening of mucous membranes, as well as the strengthening of the bones (due to high phosphorus content).

In addition, rabbits that have not reached seven months of age, do not learn the strontium derived from herbicides and pesticides. In connection with the fact that by eating meat a person can reduce the dose of received radiation.

Useful properties in medicine at the hare still a lot, but if you highlight the most important, that is to say that this meat has anti-inflammatory and antiviral action, promotes metabolism in the body, is a good antioxidant, regulates the level of glucose, which is very useful for people suffering from diabetes. Additionally, the fat rabbit is considered biologically active substance that promotes rapid healing of wounds.

Currently, the cosmetics have become a popular means on the basis of fat. Fat birds is no exception. To do masks for face, hair, neck. Additionally, in poor weather conditions hare fat can serve as a good protective agent. In short, thanks to its Hypo allergenic qualities of this fat can be used in many cosmetic products.

If to clarify the question is about how we need to use the hare as a diet food, that is to say that the best effect has the meat of young animals. They often say that before eating the hare, you need to soak in vinegar, but vinegar diet it is better to substitute buttermilk.

Harm hare

Like when eating any other meat you need to know the measure in eating rabbit meat. Independent from the fact that it is a lot of useful components, do not forget that it contains a purine base, which can cause arthritis and gout.

Amino acids contained in meat, help to reduce acidity in the body. Arthritis and psoriasis is a very negative factor, so in this case it is better to abandon the use of rabbit meat.