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The benefits and harms of Beef tongue

A byproduct of I category with great nutritional value, high content of fat and protein, has a delicate and pleasant taste - it's beef tongue. It can weigh up to 2.5 kilograms. Language is a muscle coated rough and rigid shell, which is removed after boiling. Fresh and high-quality language must be removed from the connective tissue, lymph nodes and fat, have a uniform pale pink color in a cut and stamp certifying the passage of sanitary control, as well as a pleasant smell. The sale can be found fresh, smoked, pickled and frozen product. Delicious beef tongue prized by gourmets for delicate structure, elegant and original taste and healthy qualities.

Properties beef tongue

Calories (energy value) beef tongue of about 175 calories per 100 grams of product. Nutritional value of water, ash and cholesterol, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and saturated fatty acids. Vitamin complex presented in vitamins B, PP and E. Trace elements - iron, tin, molybdenum, zinc, copper, chromium and manganese. Macro elements - calcium, sulfur and chlorine, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and potassium.

The use of beef tongue

Since language is composed of a significant amount of iron and protein, nutritionists recommend to use it for people with anemia who underwent surgery, children and pregnant women. Vitamin B12 is responsible for fat and carbohydrate metabolism regulation. Portion of boiled tongue, weighing 100 grams, is able to satisfy the daily human need for this vitamin. Zinc reduces the amount of cholesterol, promotes rapid healing of wounds and fights with various skin diseases, as well as helps the body to produce insulin, which is essential for people with diabetes and reduce blood sugar.

Since beef tongue is easily digestible product, it is recommended to eat with gastritis and gastric ulcer. The systematic use of the person disappears insomnia and migraine.

The use of beef tongue

This delicacy, delicate, delicious, and nutritious product almost has no connective tissue so easily absorbed by the body. Before the use of the language is necessary to boil for 3 hours, thus it will greatly increase in size, so the capacity of the cooking should be chosen sufficiently capacious. To ready the language has become more fragrant, after boiling is necessary to put into the pot whole cleaned carrots, bay leaf and black pepper peas.

Boiled tongue is used in the form of snacks, sliced ​​thin plastics, it is added to various salads, cooked from it julienne and aspic. This appetizer goes well with apple, berry and nut sauce, canned pineapple, artichokes and green peas, pickled mushrooms. Language can be put out in the cream or sour cream, red wine or vegetable. To this dish is served as a side dish of mashed potatoes. Beef tongue is fried in batter or breadcrumbs, baked and stuffed.

Industrial method of preparing the language of sausage, smoked and canned.

Harm beef tongue

The composition contains beef tongue much greater amount of fat than in the liver, so excessive eating it may result in increased load on the kidneys and liver, reduction of immunity, deterioration of the general condition of the organism.

In that case, if the animal was fed diets containing pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, this product can also adversely affect the human health and used it in the food.