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The benefits and harms of Peanut butter

Peanut oil - the product obtained from peanuts by pressing. The first oil from this culture was prepared back in the 1890-1891 year. Today peanut butter production is increasing every year. Especially for this chosen land site, and create all the conditions for the cultivation of the best varieties of peanuts.

Many sources can be found that peanut butter and peanut paste are one and the same. Simply, many translated from the English translation of the word - the trade wind, like butter. But do not be confused, there is a peanut butter and peanut paste. Produces these products from peanuts, but the preparation is used entirely different methods of processing and preparation.

Property peanut oil

Peanut butter contains a huge amount of digestible fats. These fats, to the delight of consumers do not bring harm to the body. In oil, there are about ten of beneficial vitamins, and it is this group of vitamins B, A, and E. In addition to the oil a lot of these trace elements - potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, cobalt. Also, there are the following major elements - betaine, phytosterols, phospholipids, polyphenols. The oil is present about 50 - 60% of monounsaturated oleic acid, and Omega 9 and Omega 6. It is worth emphasizing that this product has choline, which is very important for our body. Peanut butter whose performance is not inferior to fresh peanuts and peanut butter.

Use peanut butter

Peanut butter is widely used in folk medicine. Thanks to its properties, the oil is used in the following cases:

For the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
For the prevention of diseases of the nervous system.
For the prevention of diseases of the stomach and liver.
To strengthen the immune system.
To improve the functioning of the reproductive system.
For the normalization of hormonal levels.
For the prevention and cleanse the circulatory system.
For the full growth of the cells.
To strengthen the bone.
For the prevention of gallstones.
For the prevention of diabetes.
To release the tension.
To get rid of insomnia.
This list can be continued indefinitely. But I draw your attention that this is not a drug. oil components, can improve the human condition, but is not able to cure the disease in the last stage.

Applications peanut oil

The range of application of peanut butter is very high. It is used in folk medicine and in cooking, in cosmetics. Very often oil is used in the home, for the preparation of various baths to strengthen nails, skin. For the preparation of aromatic oils. Also in the home can be used for cooking oil and various vkusnyashek.

Peanut butter is often used to improve health, applying a few drops on the skin. Or for a massage. For prevention of the above diseases, should be used daily teaspoon of butter. But before eating, you should consult with your doctor and to exclude the possibility of allergic reactions.

Harm peanut butter

The greatest damage that can be obtained from the peanut butter, is allergic. But this is a very individual cases. Although before consumption, it is best to make sure that you do not have a predisposition to allergies. Since an allergic reaction can be life-threatening. Peanut itself is a very powerful allergen, so it is neat to use products that contain peanut.

Also, do not abuse the product, as the oil itself is very rich in calories. Do not apply the product if there is a severe disease of the stomach, liver, pancreas, and other organs.