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The benefits and harms of Adjika

Today we know a lot of recipes adzhika. But traditionally it's still Abkhaz seasoning. In this regard, in this narrative will discuss the properties and uses it Abkhaz adzhika. The composition of this traditional national condiment, known since time immemorial, the following: hot red pepper (also chili), salt (usually sodium, but is sometimes used in food and sea water), garlic, herbal mixture (may vary in different ways and manufacturing recipes, but the most common are: fenugreek, coriander, dill). From the time of his birth adjika he won the love of the plurality of gourmets around the world for the excellent gastronomy and a large number of useful properties. On them will be discussed in the future.

Nutritional value adzhika

• 100 grams of the product has the following energy value: 50 - 60 kcal

• Protein: 1 - 2 grams

• Carbohydrates: 7 - 8 grams

• Fats: 2 - 3 grams

Useful properties adzhika

 1. Adjika is a powerful tool to stimulate the appetite. It was noticed a long time ago, when shepherds fed his flock of salt mixed with pepper. As a result, the sheep were well fed and as a result, gain weight quickly. So actually this popular hot sauce was opened. Sheep were the first tasters.



2. The presence of a large number of sharp-tasting ingredients contributes significantly speed up the metabolism, which compensates an appetite and the amount of food eaten.

 3. Adzhika has antibacterial and antiviral effect. It is a kind of "sharp" an analogue of raspberry jam and used in Abkhazia and Georgia for colds.

 4. According to unconfirmed reports adjika is a good male aphrodisiac. This assertion is not without reason, as the seasoning increases blood circulation throughout the body and, consequently, the sexual organs are also abundantly supplied with blood.

 5. Adjika by accelerating blood circulation, mentioned above, allows blood vessels to be cleaned more efficiently (including the plaque and cholesterol).



 Given that the traditional Abkhaz adjika - the dish is very spicy, it is not surprising that it has a large number of contraindications for use.

 1. Do not use adzhika in acute hepatic or renal failure, as well as gastritis, mucosal lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Pepper, salt and garlic to the concentration in which they are presented in adzhika, have the ability to irritate the mucous membranes and to enhance ulceration.

 2. Contraindicated this seasoning during pregnancy and lactation, as well as children under 12 years.

 3. Diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension. Adzhika due to high severity increases stress on the heart and significantly elevates blood pressure.

 Applications adzhika

 • Cooking. Adjika is widely used with meat dishes (mainly kebabs) and vegetable salads. Use this spicy seasoning paste for sandwiches. Generally, gastronomy adzhika unlimited Caucasus and its use with almost all dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 • Medicine. Adjika is recommended by many traditional healers for treatment and prevention of colds and acute specific etiology.

 • Cattle. Modern shepherds is still used to increase appetite in sheep salt mixed with pepper, which is the original recipe adzhika.

 Adjika - tasty and healthy product, but to feel its benefits, abuse this seasoning is not necessary.